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06/08/08 - Weather, origami, ISS and space shuttle, and weird solution

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id: 24911
id: 24912
Whoooo! Go Obama!
id: 24913
What the HELL, Ohio??
id: 24914
A truck carrying a ride for a carnival
id: 24915
I started work on a new origami ball
id: 24916
It was quite a project
id: 24917
The base is done
id: 24918
The base
id: 24919
Inside the base
id: 24920
A quarter for scale
id: 24921
Inside the ball
id: 24922
Working my way up the sides
id: 24923
It's the space station!
id: 24924
And the space shuttle!
id: 24925
This is technically the first time I've ever seen the space shuttle
id: 24926
Pretty neat
id: 24927
The completed origami ball!
id: 24928
Over 400 pieces went into it
id: 24929
It's pointy
id: 24930
Barack O'Llama approves of my noisy AC solution
id: 24931
The window used to rattle when the AC was on so I had the tripod lean against it
id: 24932
It looked like I was always spying on the neighbors
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