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08/08/08 - I beat a Zelda game, and driving to Otakon with Bryce

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id: 25094
I finally beat a Zelda game!
id: 25095
Those things from Metal Gear Solid 3 is real!
id: 25096
I thought this chair would be so cool... think again
id: 25097
I was expected to roll in around 12:32, but after stopping for gas and food it was more like 1.
id: 25098
Bryce driving along
id: 25099
Driving to the AMV Hell 0 Divided by Zero showing.. bad idea
id: 25100
Bryce's Scout bag
id: 25101
Spiffy clouds on the way to Otakon
id: 25102
Check out the rays coming out the hole in the cloud
id: 25103
Bryce is a relaxed driver
id: 25104
id: 25105
More cool clouds
id: 25106
I just thought this was funny
id: 25107
Ooo, God Rays
id: 25108
Getting back int the car.. to Otakon!
id: 25109
Nice clouds
id: 25110
Looks a little ominous though
id: 25111
It was so rainy we couldn't see anything!
id: 25112
Clearing up a little
id: 25113
Even better
id: 25114
The sun!
id: 25115
The trucks weren't exactly happening
id: 25116
These guys don't know what they're in for
id: 25117
More awesome rays
id: 25118
Oooo, rays
id: 25119
What's up with this tiny building?
id: 25120
The obligatory picture out of the hotel window
id: 25121
We were on the 23rd floor, I think
id: 25122
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