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08/13/08 - Otakon 2008! This was my first time at Otakon and I had a blast. Great cosplay pics inside!

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id: 25123
Bryce and I walked for quite a while to find this guy
id: 25124
The line was really really long but moved surprisingly fast
id: 25125
Inside was pretty crowded
id: 25126
I like the beams
id: 25127
There were a lot of registration areas
id: 25128
Anime Boston could learn a thing or two from this setup
id: 25129
I had to go with the Kimba the White Lion badge
id: 25130
Bryce went with some lame badge from Street Fighter or something..
id: 25131
Ah, the DS's are out tonight
id: 25132
A common sight throughout the weekend
id: 25133
People milling around registration
id: 25134
VicBond standing around
id: 25135
Albert and Bryce
id: 25136
People outside on Friday morning
id: 25137
Walking along..
id: 25138
There were always lines
id: 25139
Pre-reg lines, registration lines, event lines..
id: 25140
The line continues
id: 25141
Entering another part of the building
id: 25142
More line shots
id: 25143
I think you get the idea
id: 25144
It only gets worse indoors
id: 25145
Since Bryce was an AMV Contest finalist this year, he got a special badge to get into the event.. me and Tony got these
id: 25146
Otaku everywhere!
id: 25147
There were always people leaning over the railings
id: 25148
Another nice escalator shot
id: 25149
Albert gets a crowd shot
id: 25150
Another Engineer!
id: 25151
Hanging out in Video 1 watching AMV Overflow
id: 25152
I'd alread seen all these videos in the 8 hour marathon pre-screening, but it was still nice to see them again
id: 25153
I wish I had gotten a better picture of these guys.. they were the new FOXHOUND unit from MGS4
id: 25154
Flags and otaku
id: 25155
Shoot-em-ups in the game room
id: 25156
He's got the intelligence! Luckily I'm on Blue Team so I didn't care
id: 25157
Guitar Hero time!
id: 25158
Bryce and McKeed play some Naruto game
id: 25159
They creamed the other guys
id: 25160
It's too bad there was only one Rock Band station
id: 25161
A nice panorama of the game room
id: 25162
People walking around the game room
id: 25163
Cool ceiling with a long exposure
id: 25164
I highlighted events I really wanted to see so I wouldn't miss something
id: 25165
This guy was having trouble getting out of his costume
id: 25166
Shots like this is why I love conventions. Surreal sights of anime and video game characters doing normal things
id: 25167
There were a few Spartans wandering around
id: 25168
It's Psycho Mantis!
id: 25169
Another crowd shot
id: 25170
Banana Suit Man again!
id: 25171
The escalator was a great place for crowd shots
id: 25172
Scintilla of Aqualine Studios did a great L
id: 25173
He even brought candy!
id: 25174
A few Jokers standing around
id: 25175
It's the pre-reg line! Where's Tony?
id: 25176
Bryce refused to participate in a con-survival show on OG.. and this is what happened
id: 25177
A Rakka cosplayer! I haven't seen one in years, great job!
id: 25178
An excellent sniper cosplay, excellent work
id: 25179
This Reki was really cool but kind of hassled me. I think she was just messing around
id: 25180
A great Gordon Freeman!
id: 25181
Captain N!
id: 25182
id: 25183
King Hippo! Now that's a rare cosplay
id: 25184
Quail Man!
id: 25185
I don't know who these guys were but they were already posing for someone else
id: 25186
An impressive Heavy
id: 25187
I got another angle as he posed for someone else
id: 25188
Ah, the classics
id: 25189
Sailor Scouts!
id: 25190
Walking through Baltimore
id: 25191
A building..
id: 25192
id: 25193
Albert and Bryce walking ahead of me
id: 25194
A Metal Gear Solid soldier saw me!
id: 25195
Gentlemen... behold! Dr. Weird!
id: 25196
I'm not sure who these guys are, but they had some spiffy costumes
id: 25197
A Soldier and a Pyro!
id: 25198
A mass objection!
id: 25199
So many Phoenix Wright Lawyers.... I think
id: 25200
Navi!! Hey! Listen!
id: 25201
I took this one without thinking much about it but it came out really great
id: 25202
This is another picture I took in a snap without thinking about it.. came out great!
id: 25203
The pointers!
id: 25204
Big crowd, but this was only a medium amount for that area. It got much more crowded at times
id: 25205
Bryce is having a good time
id: 25206
A helicopter was hovering nearby.. just... watching.
id: 25207
Tony looks like he's having fun
id: 25208
Hall shot
id: 25209
Bryce standing around
id: 25210
A demoman!
id: 25211
I didn't realize it at the time, but this is Z getting into the Meep Mop costume
id: 25212
These guys were pretty spiffy
id: 25213
Chad of PBC Productions explains how this workshop is going to work
id: 25214
Explaining stuff..
id: 25215
Setting up a green screen
id: 25216
What's that spy doing?
id: 25217
He's up to no good
id: 25218
Sneaky sneaky spy
id: 25219
A tiny Meep Mop!
id: 25220
The green screen is making progress
id: 25221
Meep Z... Z Mop...
id: 25222
Brett (Captain S) has his laptop set up for editing
id: 25223
Bryce waits for the event to start
id: 25224
Getting Final Cut Pro open
id: 25225
Meep Mop poses for a test shot
id: 25226
Meep Mop is so menacing
id: 25227
Explaining the scene
id: 25228
Ready to rock
id: 25229
Bryce and Tony look psyched
id: 25230
Getting the scene set
id: 25231
id: 25232
OK, maybe less psyched
id: 25233
This dude had a powerglove and a Virtual Boy!
id: 25234
id: 25235
Meep Mop and Wheeljack fight!
id: 25236
id: 25237
I filmed the filming of the filming
id: 25238
The fighting continued
id: 25239
Getting a shot of Captain S editing
id: 25240
Wheeljack closeup
id: 25241
This Wheeljack was actually a volunteer from the con
id: 25242
The projection over Chad's face
id: 25243
Bryce gets briefed on his role
id: 25244
He's going to throw Otakon into Meep Mop
id: 25245
Bryce prepares for his role
id: 25246
Get ready for throw #1
id: 25247
The overhand throw didn't go well, he totally missed
id: 25248
Chad and a tiny Meep Mop
id: 25249
Balancing Meep Mop
id: 25250
Me, Bryce, and Tony in a shot used in the final product
id: 25251
Chad signs Tony's Genesis controller
id: 25252
Very nice, Tony
id: 25253
I like the Otakon staff shirts
id: 25254
Editing the Meep Mop video
id: 25255
Meep Mop standing on Meep Mop!
id: 25256
Yoko from Gurren Lagann
id: 25257
The halls got a little empty later on
id: 25258
Nice companion cube!
id: 25259
Blue Army!
id: 25260
Crowd shot
id: 25261
Blue Army guy again
id: 25262
A nice Old Snake
id: 25263
I love escalator shots
id: 25264
These guys tried to hassle J-Bone and McKeed.
id: 25265
McKeed made them look like the idiots they are
id: 25266
Fireworks at a nearby baseball game!
id: 25267
id: 25268
White fireworks!
id: 25269
People standing around outside
id: 25270
The convention center
id: 25271
Vic, J-Bone, and Amanda
id: 25272
McKeed with his free hat
id: 25273
Albert is having a fun time
id: 25274
The AMV contest ballot
id: 25275
Vic is the president of VicBond-con
id: 25276
McKeed's all about the jazz fingers
id: 25277
VicBond and J-Bone
id: 25278
Funny joke
id: 25279
Amanda is having fun
id: 25280
My Engineer costume without the goggles
id: 25281
Engineer costume with goggles
id: 25282
OK, now this is pretty crowded. Note that this is the area I've taken several escalator shots from
id: 25283
McKeed on the phone
id: 25284
Looking over the menu
id: 25285
Tony decides what to order
id: 25286
id: 25287
Chopsticks are ready
id: 25288
Sitting around waiting for food
id: 25289
McKeed strains under the load of the giant sushi platter
id: 25290
We got a lot of sushi
id: 25291
id: 25292
Render chan sits on the stage during Iron Editor
id: 25293
Bryce concentrates on Iron Editor
id: 25294
The crowd at Iron Editor
id: 25295
Bryce working
id: 25296
McKeed, Bryce, and Vic during Iron Editor
id: 25297
I was on stage for a minute delivering a jump drive and took the opportunity to show Bryce's view of the crowd.. lots of people
id: 25298
Luigi, Peach, and Mario!
id: 25299
Bryce wears Tony's Bryce mask
id: 25300
Jefferson tries the Bryce mask
id: 25301
Tony was pretty proud of his mask, Bryce thought it was pretty funny
id: 25302
Albert's turn
id: 25303
McKeed emerging from Bryce's head
id: 25304
Jefferson dances!
id: 25305
Albert, McKeed, and Bryce
id: 25306
McKeed defended his title! Congrats, Iron Editor Bryce!
id: 25307
Bryce was pretty excited
id: 25308
A drunken SMS conversation between Bryce and Mike (VegettoEX)
id: 25309
A big sign in the distance
id: 25310
Bryce at dinner
id: 25311
Looking good, Bryce
id: 25312
Meri (who did the One Guitar AMV) poses for a picture
id: 25313
I caught a flash from the camera!
id: 25314
Baltimore lights
id: 25315
More Baltimore lights
id: 25316
A 30 second exposure!
id: 25317
The blue lines are from the elevators going up and down
id: 25318
Gross posing
id: 25319
Phone time
id: 25320
AMV creators
id: 25321
AMV nerds
id: 25322
Brad strikes a pose
id: 25323
Bryce at UNO's
id: 25324
Bryce and Mike
id: 25325
Mike looks like he's suspicious of something
id: 25326
McKeed and Joanna
id: 25327
Vic and Albert
id: 25328
Bryce is looking good in his "wife beater"
id: 25329
McKeed drunkenly explains stuff
id: 25330
It was a funny night
id: 25331
Nice license plate
id: 25332
The Harry Potter Puppet Pals!
id: 25333
Some cosplayers standing around
id: 25334
Meep Mop and Bryce!
id: 25335
Sonic in a crowd
id: 25336
id: 25337
Bryce with his Meep Mop
id: 25338
A sweet Bubblegum Crisis cosplay
id: 25339
I really like this shot because I took it through a hole in the crowd, so most of the people are blurry
id: 25340
My tiny Meep Mop!
id: 25341
Pedobear is chasing a girl! Look out!
id: 25342
Ahhh, pedobear!!
id: 25343
This PSP was watching me
id: 25344
A space shuttle / T-rex transformer!
id: 25345
This.. is a dude.
id: 25346
I didn't see this guy again, so I only got this shot from behind.. he's a Metal Gear Solid codec call!
id: 25347
We passed through Delaware on the way to and from the con
id: 25348
Driving back to Ohio
id: 25349
Nice skies
id: 25350
Gotta love the open road
id: 25351
Another confrontational religious billboard
id: 25352
An ominous cloud in the distance.. turned out to be nothing
id: 25353
Freaking $14 toll!
id: 25354
The Covenant Transport again!
id: 25355
I was stuck in traffic behind road work for like like 40 minutes
id: 25356
I hate road work
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