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08/26/08 - RB picnic at Wright Patterson Air Force Base

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id: 25357
Whooo, Otaku Generation Live!
id: 25358
I managed to keep my spiffy lanyard
id: 25359
Waiting in the barbeque line
id: 25360
Datta! My boss!
id: 25361
I was having a good time
id: 25362
BBQ line
id: 25363
Ooo, a playground!
id: 25364
Datta had to take a call
id: 25365
This is Doug Blake (I think), who is one of the management dudes
id: 25366
An airplane!
id: 25367
He's armed!
id: 25368
Having fun in the dunk tank
id: 25369
Waiting for the inevitable
id: 25370
Holy crap that is a big dog
id: 25371
Look out! He's gonna eat you!
id: 25372
The moment the seat drops
id: 25373
Throwing balls at the dunk tank
id: 25374
Standing around
id: 25375
Datta and Mary
id: 25376
Ahhh, run!
id: 25377
These guys were playing this game with a really gross name.. Cornhole
id: 25378
Playing Cornhole
id: 25379
Don't shoot!
id: 25380
Another dunking
id: 25381
The Cornhole.. hole.
id: 25382
This dude cheated!
id: 25383
Oh no!
id: 25384
id: 25385
Datta at some kind of Wright Brothers monument
id: 25386
He made me pose for a picture
id: 25387
Me in front of the runways at Area A
id: 25388
We are here
id: 25389
id: 25390
id: 25391
I finally checked out MacGregor park.. turned out it's just an industrial park
id: 25392
Ughhh I hate packing
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