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08/28/08 - Some guys put new windows in my apartment

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id: 25393
 Figures, a week before I move out I get new windows
id: 25394
This guy went to town ripping everything out
id: 25395
Ripping chunks out
id: 25396
It was weird having a giant hole in my apartment
id: 25397
The missing window from the outside
id: 25398
New windows waiting to be installed
id: 25399
This guy wanted to buy my copy of Final Fantasy VII
id: 25400
Putting in the new frame
id: 25401
This guy was going into my bedroom to finish the windows in there
id: 25402
The new windows were nice but you couldn't open them as much as the old ones
id: 25403
I found the receipt for my PS3!
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