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08/30/08 - Moving from Dayton and Three Mile Island

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id: 25404
Meep Mop waves goodbye to Woodman Park Apartments
id: 25405
My apartment. Bye!
id: 25406
My car was really full
id: 25407
Even the front seat was packed
id: 25408
The trunk had an insane amount of stuff in it
id: 25409
id: 25410
The open road
id: 25411
A high voltage power line near Three Mile Island
id: 25412
Active cooling towers!
id: 25413
The cooling towers for Unit 1!
id: 25414
The dormant cooling towers of Unit 2
id: 25415
Unit 2 itself. It'll be dangerously radioactive inside for hundreds of years.
id: 25416
Another overview of Unit 2
id: 25417
Unit 1 with steam coming out of its towers
id: 25418
A panorama of both reactors and their cooling towers
id: 25419
I really like the effect the humidity in the air gave this picture
id: 25420
Me standing in front of Three Mile Island's infamous Unit 2
id: 25421
A wider panorama with the nearby high voltage towers
id: 25422
A very backlit picture of Unit 2's cooling towers
id: 25423
Fission and Fusion
id: 25424
Unit 1's towers again
id: 25425
A gorgeous shot of the sun setting behind one of Unit 2's cooling towers
id: 25426
More power lines
id: 25427
If the TMI incident had gotten much worse this would all be a radioactive wasteland
id: 25428
Not much traffic
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