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09/10/08 - Spore Galactic Edition and my office desk setup

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id: 25451
Before I got my apartment I had Highwind in my office, so I had two dual screen setups for a total of four monitors. It ruled
id: 25452
Someone drew Brak on this sign at a local video rental store
id: 25453
The Spore Galactic Edition case
id: 25454
From the side
id: 25455
The back of the plastic sleeve
id: 25456
The inside of the box
id: 25457
The plastic box had a cool texture
id: 25458
Lots of little creatures
id: 25459
Another closeup
id: 25460
The galaxy in the center
id: 25461
With the inside taken out of the case
id: 25462
The inner case
id: 25463
The Spore disc
id: 25464
Another DVD
id: 25465
Manuals and other stuff
id: 25466
It came with a free poster
id: 25467
The manual
id: 25468
A random page in the manual
id: 25469
The "making of" DVD
id: 25470
The case for the National Geographic special
id: 25471
The National Geographic DVD
id: 25472
The art book
id: 25473
A random page in the art book
id: 25474
The art book from the side
id: 25475
For a while I had two keyboards and two mice. It was a little confusing
id: 25476
We have a lifesize wooden guy around the office.. sometimes I put faces on it
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