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09/15/08 - Clark James' going away party. He left to teach English in Thailand for a while

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id: 25477
This is supposed to be "sudoku" but it looked like root was trying to run the Quiznos logo
id: 25478
Bryce's washer went rogue
id: 25479
Our last line of defense
id: 25480
Bryce was thrilled
id: 25481
There were a strange number of birds outside
id: 25482
It's times like this I wish I had a screen on my window
id: 25483
James chilling out next to John's giant new HDTV
id: 25484
Everyone gathered around the bar
id: 25485
Hanging out
id: 25486
John chills on the couch
id: 25487
Bryce finally got to try Geometry Wars
id: 25488
Brett was having a good time
id: 25489
Nice hat, James
id: 25490
Standard Red Sox hat
id: 25491
Flo, Brett and Rosie's awesome cat
id: 25492
Nerf Russian Roulette! Loser has to take a shot!
id: 25493
Playing Xbox
id: 25494
The moment of truth
id: 25495
He survived!
id: 25496
Brett's up
id: 25497
Getting ready..
id: 25498
Pulling the trigger
id: 25499
James is up again
id: 25500
Don't look!
id: 25501
I can't even tell if he got shot or not
id: 25502
I love this shot
id: 25503
Alicia hanging out
id: 25504
Preparing another drink
id: 25505
Geometry Wars closeup
id: 25506
A longer exposure
id: 25507
id: 25508
Lots of action
id: 25509
It makes some cool patterns
id: 25510
Bryce is loving it
id: 25511
James playing with Flo
id: 25512
Standing around..
id: 25513
James takes Flo
id: 25514
James and Flow were best buds
id: 25515
Drinking, playing with cats, it doesn't get much better than this
id: 25516
Brett and Rosie
id: 25517
Tony and Brett on the couch
id: 25518
Brett solving the ol' Rubik's Cube
id: 25519
Brett at Moynihan's
id: 25520
Hanging out
id: 25521
James pours some beer
id: 25522
A beer on the bar
id: 25523
The bar at Moynihan's
id: 25524
Bryce sitting around
id: 25525
Oh Bryce, who gave you two drinks?
id: 25526
Hi John!
id: 25527
Rosie and Brett get some beer
id: 25528
James stnading around
id: 25529
James has got a beer
id: 25530
Shayna plays some pool
id: 25531
Watching the pool table
id: 25532
3 ball!
id: 25533
Rosie waiting for her turn
id: 25534
Brett takes a shot
id: 25535
James' turn
id: 25536
And the shot has been taken!
id: 25537
James looks over the table
id: 25538
Careful now
id: 25539
Rosie standing around
id: 25540
Rosie and Brett
id: 25541
Rosie's turn
id: 25542
Brett says something to Rosie
id: 25543
Shayna with the pool cue
id: 25544
Bryce, James, and Alicia hang out on the stools
id: 25545
Bryce and Alicia
id: 25546
Brett lines up a shot
id: 25547
Brett does a back shot
id: 25548
id: 25549
Pool balls
id: 25550
Brett and Rosie hanging out
id: 25551
Rosie lines up a shot
id: 25552
James and Tony
id: 25553
James lines up a shot from the corner
id: 25554
Brett considers his next move
id: 25555
John and James
id: 25556
James takes a moment with his beer
id: 25557
Is it possible to not look cool playing pool?
id: 25558
Brett waits for his turn
id: 25559
Rosie's up
id: 25560
Bryce and Tony weren't really paying attention
id: 25561
John has found the kind of change he can believe in
id: 25562
The bums in the corner
id: 25563
Bryce picking something up
id: 25564
Alicia and Tony
id: 25565
Resetting for another game
id: 25566
Get the balls in the triangle
id: 25567
id: 25568
Tony is ready
id: 25569
Pool ball triangle
id: 25570
id: 25571
The break
id: 25572
John was having a blast
id: 25573
Shayna lines up her next shot
id: 25574
Shayna and James
id: 25575
Nice shot!
id: 25576
Brett's up again
id: 25577
Alicia hanging out on the stools
id: 25578
Bryce and James pretend they don't know I'm taking a picture
id: 25579
"Try to look natural!"
id: 25580
Tony and Shayna
id: 25581
Some sort of altercation
id: 25582
Shayna is up again
id: 25583
Rosie standing around
id: 25584
Tony and Shayna standing around
id: 25585
Shayna and Tony
id: 25586
id: 25587
Brett and Rosie sitting on the bench
id: 25588
A cool shot of James
id: 25589
Me and Bryce
id: 25590
Brett leans on the table
id: 25591
James and Brett
id: 25592
James lounges on the stools
id: 25593
Looks like I've been spotted
id: 25594
John, James, and Shayna hanging out
id: 25595
Funny joke
id: 25596
Bryce and Alicia
id: 25597
Hi Alicia
id: 25598
Tony and James
id: 25599
A really weird shot of Bryce and James
id: 25600
Tony on his stool
id: 25601
James tells Bryce something funny
id: 25602
Good times
id: 25603
Bryce, Brett, and Rosie
id: 25604
James can't believe he just missed the winning shot
id: 25605
And continues to not be able to believe it
id: 25606
Be more careful this time
id: 25607
id: 25608
Flow was so much fun
id: 25609
What's down there?
id: 25610
James and Flo, the dynamic duo
id: 25611
Hi Flo!
id: 25612
Flo looks around
id: 25613
Flo hangs out with James
id: 25614
Getting ready to go get ice cream
id: 25615
Alicia and Bryce
id: 25616
Bryce and James
id: 25617
Setting up the GPS
id: 25618
Something funny?
id: 25619
James with his sunglasses
id: 25620
Alicia and Bryec
id: 25621
Looking good, James
id: 25622
James at the Clam Box, the restaurant where Shayna works
id: 25623
John came too!
id: 25624
Hi Rosie
id: 25625
Alicia and bryce
id: 25626
Brett's got ice cream!
id: 25627
James sitting around
id: 25628
What's up, James?
id: 25629
John and James
id: 25630
Alicia and Bryce having a good time
id: 25631
James laughing about something
id: 25632
Glasses OK?
id: 25633
Cool cool glasses
id: 25634
Bryce laughing at something
id: 25635
James really laughing at something
id: 25636
I forget what was so funny
id: 25637
Rosie digs into her ice cream
id: 25638
id: 25639
Brett sitting around
id: 25640
James is done with ice cream
id: 25641
Hi Rosie
id: 25642
The creepy creepy Clam Box mascot
id: 25643
Shayna working behind the counter
id: 25644
Time to go!
id: 25645
Thanks for the ice cream, Shayna!
id: 25646
That's not a rock!
id: 25647
Bryce in John's car
id: 25648
This was taken as we drove by
id: 25649
James poses before leaving for Thailand
id: 25650
This is the last time we'll see him for a year or more
id: 25651
We'll miss you James, have fun!
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