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10/03/08 - Some stills around Baldwin

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id: 25669
Says Bryce: "Flawed Topaz? Isn't that redudant?"
id: 25670
Dave has been transformed into a stuffed monkey!
id: 25671
The main gate to Baldwin
id: 25672
The sign on the gate
id: 25673
A closer shot of the gate
id: 25674
Montgomery Ave!
id: 25675
The main sign in the front
id: 25676
The front gate to Baldwin
id: 25677
Some trees near the entrance
id: 25678
The soccer field
id: 25679
A panorama of the soccer field
id: 25680
A panorama of the residence as seen from the soccer field. That's the building I live in
id: 25681
The residence
id: 25682
id: 25683
Soccer field
id: 25684
A more exposed picture of the residence
id: 25685
Soccer net
id: 25686
The residence from up close
id: 25687
Another shot with the sky showing up better
id: 25688
I forget what this building is
id: 25689
The science building!
id: 25690
Another part of the school
id: 25691
id: 25692
Nice bench
id: 25693
id: 25694
Swing set!
id: 25695
A.. lighthouse?
id: 25696
The North Door
id: 25697
I love these things!
id: 25698
Some mosaic art
id: 25699
id: 25700
The sign at the entrance to the Lower School
id: 25701
Hey, I know that guy!
id: 25702
id: 25703
A 360 of a first grade classroom
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