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10/17/08 - Homecoming bonfire at Baldwin

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id: 25731
A long exposure of the bonfire
id: 25732
It looks a lot more menacing with the longer exposure
id: 25733
Hot particles!
id: 25734
A blurry crowd
id: 25735
Fire raining particles down
id: 25736
A closeup of the fire
id: 25737
The crowd and the fire
id: 25738
id: 25739
Firefighters were standing by to put it out
id: 25740
A shot of the particles flying up in the air
id: 25741
Another long exposure shot
id: 25742
id: 25743
I like this shot, you can see the wood all.. glowy
id: 25744
A longer exposure version of the last one
id: 25745
id: 25746
A firefighter standing in front of the fire
id: 25747
Walking around..
id: 25748
Kicking it down
id: 25749
Standing around...
id: 25750
A cool shot of one of the fire fighters
id: 25751
Spraying the fire with water
id: 25752
Putting the fire out
id: 25753
Almost gone
id: 25754
Lots of smoke and neat shadows
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