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10/27/08 - Melrose James comes down and we do touristy things in Philadelphia

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id: 25755
Driving in to Philadelphia!
id: 25756
Driving is fun
id: 25757
Homeland Security?
id: 25758
id: 25759
Thanks for posing, James
id: 25760
Hey I know that guy
id: 25761
SSH Real Estate!
id: 25762
James next to the skyscrapers.. kind of
id: 25763
id: 25764
What's the plaque say?
id: 25765
id: 25766
Looks like we're heading in the right
id: 25767
James takes a picture of the National Constitution Center
id: 25768
Take a good look.. because we did'nt go in it
id: 25769
Despite all the signs telling us to
id: 25770
The visitor center!
id: 25771
Independence Hall! The building where the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were signed
id: 25772
Wow, the Liberty Bell is a lot bigger than we thought!
id: 25773
James poses in front of Independence Hall
id: 25774
A bull and a crazy lady trying to smoke inside
id: 25775
You've changed, Abe..
id: 25776
Security looks through James' bag on the way to the Libaerty Bell
id: 25777
The Liberty Bell!
id: 25778
The obligatory touristy shot!
id: 25779
The back of the Liberty Bell
id: 25780
James gets up close for a shot inside
id: 25781
He thought we were going to Taco Bell
id: 25782
The text on the bell
id: 25783
The infamous crack. I didn't realize there was a thinner crack that kept going
id: 25784
The bottom of the crack
id: 25785
And one more time for good measure
id: 25786
This guy was guarding the exit
id: 25787
You can see it from the street too
id: 25788
Getting closer to Independence hall
id: 25789
Another touristy shot
id: 25790
A documentary?
id: 25791
I meant to take a picture of this horse as I walked by but ended up getting a picture of the dude.. he didn't seem too happy about it
id: 25792
The horse!
id: 25793
Time to ride the subway!
id: 25794
We didn't have anywhere to go, James just wanted to ride the subway
id: 25795
The station
id: 25796
A train rushes by
id: 25797
James asks how the Philly subway works
id: 25798
Feeding the magic box
id: 25799
A token!
id: 25800
Phily subway cred
id: 25801
Train map
id: 25802
We got on at 5th Street
id: 25803
The tracks
id: 25804
A panorama of the station
id: 25805
James waits for the train
id: 25806
The train going by
id: 25807
Waiting to get off
id: 25808
id: 25809
I'm not even sure why I took this picture
id: 25810
id: 25811
Why is my stop in bold? Is the sign speaking to me?
id: 25812
id: 25813
While waiting for the train that goes in the other direction we took some pictures of the skyline
id: 25814
James and the bridge
id: 25815
A train going across the bridge
id: 25816
Ben Franklin Bridge!
id: 25817
Bryce has to drive across this every day to get to work.. and sometimes by accident when he takes the wrong turn
id: 25818
id: 25819
James waits for the train
id: 25820
The train is here!
id: 25821
James gets a Where Is Hippo shot
id: 25822
One of my favorite ammendments
id: 25823
Independence Hall
id: 25824
James walking along
id: 25825
Found on a bench
id: 25826
James getting a picture of Hippo in front of a statue
id: 25827
Washington, Washington. Six foot eight, weighs a f--king ton
id: 25828
It's that wall where the guy from National Treasure found the brick with glasses in it!
id: 25829
The security checkpoint to get into Independence hall
id: 25830
id: 25831
I think you know what it is by now
id: 25832
Another touristy shot
id: 25833
id: 25834
James taking a picture of Washington
id: 25835
Hi Washington
id: 25836
And hell, why not one more
id: 25837
Camera duel!
id: 25838
The flag!
id: 25839
A painting of the signing of.. something
id: 25840
Our tour guide was weird
id: 25841
A court room
id: 25842
Ye olde power plug
id: 25843
The room where the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were signed!
id: 25844
id: 25845
James checks out the room
id: 25846
id: 25847
id: 25848
I stood in front of the Massachusetts table
id: 25849
Don't worry, it's not the real constitution..
id: 25850
This guy went on and on
id: 25851
James looking out the window
id: 25852
Stuff on the desks..
id: 25853
James in front of the Assembly Room
id: 25854
The Massachusetts table
id: 25855
This dude looked just like Ben Franklin. When I pointed him out James burst out laughing
id: 25856
James stands on some stairs
id: 25857
An original printed copy of the Constitution
id: 25858
id: 25859
The first constitution, the articles of confederation
id: 25860
id: 25861
An original printed copy of the Declaration of Independence
id: 25862
The declaration
id: 25863
Something about the constitution in Japanese. I can read "America" and "Alexander Hamilton"
id: 25864
Good guy, that Barry
id: 25865
James has the same phone as me. I always forget and get confused when he pulls his out
id: 25866
James could be a statue some day
id: 25867
Some art thing where they analyzed the state of the union addresses of the presidents and made the most common words larger
id: 25868
The mint!
id: 25869
James hanging out
id: 25870
The Federal Reserve!
id: 25871
id: 25872
id: 25873
My camera!
id: 25874
A whole bunch of statues
id: 25875
Washington? I don't know
id: 25876
Guy on a horse
id: 25877
The same place but with a higher exposure
id: 25878
id: 25879
Naked lady!
id: 25880
Haven't you ever heard of a catfish before?
id: 25881
id: 25882
Bears are for Obama
id: 25883
id: 25884
James next to the Rocky statue
id: 25885
Hanging out with Rocky
id: 25886
id: 25887
The Rocky steps!
id: 25888
That cool building
id: 25889
James sits around
id: 25890
Another neat building
id: 25891
id: 25892
id: 25893
The Philadelphia Museum of Art
id: 25894
A great shot looking down.. some street
id: 25895
A panorama from the top of the Rocky steps
id: 25896
James does the "I did it!" pose after running up the Rocky steps
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