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11/12/08 - Crazy phone, new pedometer, and I build a gaming PC for Bryce!

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id: 25914
Why does my phone think it is 2019?
id: 25915
Check out my sweet new pedometer
id: 25916
The old one broke so I sprung for this one. It can upload walking data to my computer!
id: 25917
Bryce's motherboard
id: 25918
Opening the motherboard
id: 25919
How nice of them to inclde cables
id: 25920
The motherboard!
id: 25921
Power supply
id: 25922
I like the color, it reminds me of the Steam interface
id: 25923
The computer is starting to come together
id: 25924
Giant heatsink!
id: 25925
Giant video card!
id: 25926
It's the same as mine, but the double width model
id: 25927
Nice artwork
id: 25928
I registered it to Sawboss, whose organization is the Monster Minds. This is my messed up (but free) monitor
id: 25929
All done!
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