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12/21/08 - Random stuff around Baldwin and tons of snow back home!

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id: 25971
I bought a pound of silly putty on the internet!
id: 25972
Well.. not brand name silly putty, but the same chemical
id: 25973
Unfortunately, there's no way to make anything that DOESN'T look phallic..
id: 25974
My sweet new No Mercy sign
id: 25975
A model of Baldwin
id: 25976
The back of Baldwin. My apartment is just above the bottom roof on the right.
id: 25977
My Pokemon Ranch people missed me
id: 25978
Brett hanging out
id: 25979
John and his cat Thora
id: 25980
A weird closeup of Brett
id: 25981
I wanted to play Ocarina of time in Brett's room, so I set up the Wii on the floor and my tv in my lap
id: 25982
This dude helped me dig out my car! Thanks dude!
id: 25983
Snow pictures!
id: 25984
I took a lot for Clark James in Thailand
id: 25985
My car has been freed!
id: 25986
Flo got to just wander around loose in Rosie's car
id: 25987
He didn't jump out the window
id: 25988
He enjoyed looking around though
id: 25989
Rosie and Flo hanging out
id: 25990
What's over there, Flo?
id: 25991
Worcester streets
id: 25992
38 Florence!
id: 25993
Flo looking out the back of the car
id: 25994
Brett had to run the rent check over to his landlord
id: 25995
Desert boy in the snow
id: 25996
Rosie's car broke down so I went and rescued Brett and Flo while Rosie waited for AAA
id: 25997
We had to bring Flo in case they towed the car
id: 25998
Brett with Flo
id: 25999
Say hi Flo!
id: 26000
It was awesome to have a cat in the car
id: 26001
I got to pat him at red lights
id: 26002
I love this picture.. Brett running Flo from the apartment to his car
id: 26003
Rosie survived her car dying.. several times
id: 26004
It's all good, Rosie
id: 26005
If you look carefully in this picture you can see Flo peeking his head over the window
id: 26006
I tried to get a picture of that guy in the brown jacket pushing a car and ended up with this.. not what I had in mind but I still thought it was neat and kept it
id: 26007
Waiting at an intersection
id: 26008
Snow driving!
id: 26009
The street outside my mom's house after the second snow storm
id: 26010
Looking up the hill
id: 26011
My mom's house!
id: 26012
Deep snow
id: 26013
Looking across the street
id: 26014
A car driving by
id: 26015
My mom's car all covered in snow
id: 26016
Self picture in the snow
id: 26017
Closeup of some lights
id: 26018
Snowy railing
id: 26019
My mom on the phone
id: 26020
id: 26021
Cookie mix!
id: 26022
id: 26023
A much cleaner shot thanks to James' tripod
id: 26024
James waited while I took a couple of pictures
id: 26025
Great driving conditions
id: 26026
Muffie at Chili's
id: 26027
Looks like I caught Rob off guard
id: 26028
Muffie hanging out in the corner
id: 26029
James hides behind some coasters
id: 26030
Muffie and her friend from school
id: 26031
Rob again
id: 26032
James in Chili's
id: 26033
Rob is flipping me off because I didn't realize he was locked out so instead of letting him in I took his picture.
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