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12/27/08 - Christmas fun! New kitten, family parties, and giant Rubik's Cubes

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id: 26034
Becky with her new kitten!
id: 26035
The name hasn't been finalized yet
id: 26036
id: 26037
Hi Becky!
id: 26038
Becky hanging out
id: 26039
Greg was there too
id: 26040
Uncle Peter
id: 26041
Mom and Uncle Chris
id: 26042
Hooray beer
id: 26043
Uncle Michael's Christmas tree
id: 26044
Johnny does the dew
id: 26045
Greg sitting around
id: 26046
What's over there Greg?
id: 26047
Uncle Michael
id: 26048
Caroling time
id: 26049
Couch time
id: 26050
id: 26051
Becky singing
id: 26052
Gragra singing
id: 26053
Melissa got a guitar for Christmas!
id: 26054
Mom and Uncle Michael talking
id: 26055
Melissa by the tree
id: 26056
Becky with the creepy robot Santa
id: 26057
Becky opens a card from dad
id: 26058
Christmas morning!
id: 26059
Dad makes a crazy face
id: 26060
What is it?
id: 26061
id: 26062
id: 26063
Nice hat
id: 26064
Dad opened the present
id: 26065
id: 26066
It matches his t-shirt
id: 26067
I got Bad Company !
id: 26068
Dad's sweet new sweater
id: 26069
Haha, a much nicer tire gauge
id: 26070
Decoy box!
id: 26071
A Victoria's Secret gift card
id: 26072
Time to open another box
id: 26073
I got Dad a digital photo frame
id: 26074
Becky gave Dad another Guinness shirt!
id: 26075
The photo frame in action
id: 26076
Dad couldn't find LittleBigPlanet so he gave me a picture of it and $60
id: 26077
Nice tie
id: 26078
A sweet shower head that changes color with the temperature.
id: 26079
Sweet tops!
id: 26080
Kitties and presents!
id: 26081
Kitty wanders over the presents
id: 26082
Good hiding spot
id: 26083
A brain cell!
id: 26084
Becky's sweet hat
id: 26085
Posing with the hat
id: 26086
Isabelle sitting around
id: 26087
The kitty inspects Becky's new clothes
id: 26088
"This one looks OK"
id: 26089
The 7x7x7 scrambled
id: 26090
Becky tries on.. a bunch of stuff
id: 26091
The solved 7x7x7!
id: 26092
A standard Rubik's Cube next to the 7x7x7
id: 26093
The view from the top
id: 26094
3x3x3, 5x5x5, 7x7x7
id: 26095
Welcome to planet Giant Rubik's Cube
id: 26096
With all the layers twisted a little
id: 26097
Twisted layers seen from the side
id: 26098
Twisted layers closeup
id: 26099
id: 26100
id: 26101
Spots in spots!
id: 26102
Spots in spots in spots!
id: 26103
My mom got me a camcorder! A Canon FS100
id: 26104
A closeup showing the neat grooves in the metal bit in the front
id: 26105
The back of the camera
id: 26106
The hand grip
id: 26107
The back again
id: 26108
the top, power, photo, zoom
id: 26109
The camera when it's open
id: 26110
The buttons
id: 26111
It's so small and light
id: 26112
All of the advanced controls are on the screen
id: 26113
The front with the shutter open
id: 26114
Nice lens
id: 26115
It even has a spiffy light on it!
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