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12/29/08 - Kitties, G1 (Google Phone), and more kitties!

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id: 26116
Becky's new kitty: Macaroni!
id: 26117
Isabelle hanging out on the couch
id: 26118
Both kitties on the couch!
id: 26119
Mac is sleepy
id: 26120
My Blackjack next to my new G1
id: 26121
id: 26122
The G1 with the keyboard open
id: 26123
Screen on!
id: 26124
The Android logo!
id: 26125
Touch the Android!
id: 26126
The box my 7x7x7 came in
id: 26127
Lots of patents
id: 26128
From the corner!
id: 26129
Mac was thirsty
id: 26130
Drinking out of a cup is tricky business.
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