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12/30/08 - Tachikoma figurine and my G1

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id: 26131
What could this be?
id: 26132
Ooo, it's my Tachikoma figurine!
id: 26133
I suppose I better get it out of the box
id: 26134
There he is!
id: 26135
Pretty spiffy, eh?
id: 26136
Tachikoma from the left
id: 26137
Tachikom from the right (his butt tends to hit the ground from the weight of standing up)
id: 26138
Standing up properly
id: 26139
Tachikoma from the back
id: 26140
Up close!
id: 26141
I put him on top of CD for scale
id: 26142
Close up
id: 26143
Connecting to Ganymede via ConnectBot, an SSH client for Android
id: 26144
A closeup of the terminal
id: 26145
My G1 charging
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