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02/09/09 - I won OtakuGeneration's "Guess the Character" game! Check out all the cool stuff I got

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id: 26152
All my loot in front of my kitchen computers
id: 26153
I got some comics
id: 26154
A cool Mario Galaxy coin
id: 26155
All of I! My! Me! Strawberry Eggs!
id: 26156
Disc 1
id: 26157
From the side
id: 26158
Some cool art
id: 26159
A Metal Gear Solid 4 poster
id: 26160
This wans't a prize.. Bryce got it for me at Comic Con. It's signed by the artist!
id: 26161
The Mario coin
id: 26162
id: 26163
id: 26164
The best part of the prize.. a Flip Mino HD!
id: 26165
With an outdated picture of the OG crew on it!
id: 26166
A quarter for scale
id: 26167
The back
id: 26168
id: 26169
I can hook it up to the TV
id: 26170
A wristband
id: 26171
Out of the bag
id: 26172
Switchblade or USB hookup?
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