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02/16/09 - Some pictures of my apartment and office (and the hallway inbetween) at Baldwin

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id: 26173
This is my entire commute. My apartment is about 50 feet down the hall on the left and my office is about 50 feet down the hall on the right
id: 26174
My kitchen!
id: 26175
My living room as seen from the window corner
id: 26176
My living room as seen from the closet corner
id: 26177
The hallway right outside the Tech offices
id: 26178
My office door
id: 26179
Inside my office
id: 26180
My desk
id: 26181
Barack O'Llama lives in my office
id: 26182
My monitors and digital photo frame
id: 26183
My Portal poster
id: 26184
The front door to my apartment
id: 26185
Looking into the bedroom from the kitchen
id: 26186
My shelves
id: 26187
My bed
id: 26188
My sweet carpet. It needs a lot of vacuuming though
id: 26189
My bookshelf
id: 26190
DVDs and games
id: 26191
TV and consoles
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