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05/17/09 - Nerf, dry ice, and a PHiZZ origami torus!

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id: 26239
Nice grouping
id: 26240
Jerry takes aim
id: 26241
Hot soapy water plus dry ice equals awesome!
id: 26242
Rise, rise, riiiise!
id: 26243
Dry ice is cold
id: 26244
A box full of origami
id: 26245
555 PHiZZ units!
id: 26246
From the side
id: 26247
So colorful
id: 26248
It took a while to make all the pieces
id: 26249
I found the schematic to make it on Flickr
id: 26250
A closeup of the units
id: 26251
All split up and counted
id: 26252
The first five units
id: 26253
The first ten!
id: 26254
It's expanding..
id: 26255
It makes a really surprisingly comfortable hat
id: 26256
The first segment is complete! All the way around
id: 26257
Extending the tube
id: 26258
id: 26259
Looking down the center
id: 26260
Now it's like an arch
id: 26261
More progress
id: 26262
This is how far I got in one sitting before I got sick of it
id: 26263
The inner circle is complete!
id: 26264
The last piece
id: 26265
This is where the last piece goes
id: 26266
The complete torus!
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