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05/24/09 - Anime Boston 2009! I was too busy to get many pictures but it was a great year. See you in 2010!

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id: 26267
Main Events being set up
id: 26268
It's Vitamin Water I swear... >_>
id: 26269
Some podcasts for the road
id: 26270
I took the case off of my iPod after several years.. it looks brand new!
id: 26271
Arriving at the Hynes!
id: 26272
Nerds trying to get hotel rooms
id: 26273
A Microsoft Surface table. I tried it. it stunk.
id: 26274
The obligatory hotel room window shot
id: 26275
But hey! This year I can see MIT!
id: 26276
The Greene building
id: 26277
The MIT Dome and the Greene building
id: 26278
A test grid on one of the screens in Main Events
id: 26279
We all came in to check out Main Events
id: 26280
We got a cool circle this year
id: 26281
Big ol' TVs
id: 26282
A crane thing!
id: 26283
Lots of chairs
id: 26284
Unloading stuff in the loading dock
id: 26285
Standing around waiting for stuff to carry
id: 26286
This is how you move lights!
id: 26287
Don't get in the way when they lower stuff!
id: 26288
The elevator wouldn't move or open! We were trapped! Only for a few minutes though
id: 26289
Help us!
id: 26290
Francis in the loading dock
id: 26291
Tech Ops!
id: 26292
Getting everyone together for the staff photo
id: 26293
Oranges and Blues mixing together. How sweet
id: 26294
Mike Lee talks to Stephen
id: 26295
Blue Hair Guy!
id: 26296
Dave takes a Tech staff picture
id: 26297
Mike Lee gives a profanity laden intro speech. Good stuff
id: 26298
Tech people!
id: 26299
More Tech people!
id: 26300
I could see the Citgo sign from my window
id: 26301
Cosplayers in the hall
id: 26302
Where are you taking that white mage?
id: 26303
This guy was being pushed down the hall on a skateboard
id: 26304
Tony came this year!
id: 26305
As Tech staff no less!
id: 26306
An angel fight in the hallway! Go Hikaru!
id: 26307
My schedule with work shifts and intersting events blocked off
id: 26308
Princess Tutu cosplayers in the hall
id: 26309
These guys were kind of creepy
id: 26310
The 3rd floor hallway
id: 26311
id: 26312
I really love this picture
id: 26313
The new B-kun with A-chan in her second year
id: 26314
Mike really went all out this year and got an LED screen!
id: 26315
The big board in Tech
id: 26316
Veronica Taylor: The voice of Ash Ketchum in Pokemon
id: 26317
The audience was rapt
id: 26318
Ash looks pretty psyched to be hanging out with his voice
id: 26319
One of the big screens had a problem..
id: 26320
Mup.sys always takes forever
id: 26321
I felt bad for making all these guys get up and pose but it was totally worth it
id: 26322
Hey it's Boston!
id: 26323
Booo, go away Godzilla!
id: 26324
The Prudential and John Hancock tower
id: 26325
This dude has a suit made out of condoms.. for some reason
id: 26326
Hey I thought they said not to alter the shirts!
id: 26327
He was getting ready to head down to Hentai Dubbing
id: 26328
This guy was pretty cool
id: 26329
A way too blurry shot of a great Dr. Wily
id: 26330
Main Events looked great when it was done
id: 26331
Lights galore!
id: 26332
Condom Man made it way down to Hentai Dubbing. I wouldn't look at what he has in his hand....
id: 26333
Mr. Dick Tripwire takes the stage
id: 26334
Rocking out on stage
id: 26335
They were singing Fat Bottomed Girls
id: 26336
Dick Tripwire was a fan of the guy in the Chewbacca suit
id: 26337
I forget what he said
id: 26338
Getting ready to do a scene
id: 26339
It's tough to talk through the mask
id: 26340
These guys ended up getting a standing ovation for their performance
id: 26341
Tony was having fun
id: 26342
This guy had a good attitude
id: 26343
Nice crown
id: 26344
The guy on the left wanted to get up there so much and was so bad
id: 26345
Asuka's having a good time
id: 26346
People trying to get into the dance.. just getting near it was like walking into a wet, stinky wall
id: 26347
Nigel Sade gave one of the strangest (and coolest) panels I've ever seen
id: 26348
Dunkin' Donuts is always a madhouse in the mornings during AB.. and probably every other day
id: 26349
Some kind of strange drawing in Tech
id: 26350
Water pyramid?
id: 26351
Coordinating the teardown
id: 26352
Desmond marks another room off the big board
id: 26353
Finally! Some Haibane cosplayers! Great work!
id: 26354
Coiling up cables in Ballroom A
id: 26355
Time to put away the DVD players until next year
id: 26356
An extreme closeup of the LED screen
id: 26357
The view from the stage in Main Events
id: 26358
Nabil, our roommate from last year, checks out the LED screen
id: 26359
It was really cool
id: 26360
Tony's going home!
id: 26361
..never to return
id: 26362
Tech people hanging out until the Dead Dog
id: 26363
Standing around the main table
id: 26364
Rick seems to be having a good time
id: 26365
Moving stuff down the hall
id: 26366
Time to play catch!
id: 26367
An easy catch
id: 26368
This guy put in some good effort
id: 26369
You gotta want the ball
id: 26370
Mike Lee eventually shut us down when some senior guy nearly got nailed in the head
id: 26371
Standing outside the Sheraton waiting for the bus
id: 26372
Our hotel!
id: 26373
Ben hanging out outside
id: 26374
I wish I had gotten a jersey..
id: 26375
One of the towers
id: 26376
Getting on the bus!
id: 26377
Nabil really stands out since he's not in the blue light
id: 26378
We kept blasting each other with camera flashes
id: 26379
The Dead Dog location has been revealed! Deadwood, a bowling alley, arcarde, pool hall, and brewery
id: 26380
This guy had the unfortunate task of handing out bracelets
id: 26381
Pool time!
id: 26382
Fun fun
id: 26383
Dave lines up a shot
id: 26384
Sketch and Patrick!
id: 26385
id: 26386
I saw this creepy thing on a mural on the way back
id: 26387
Getting off the bus
id: 26388
Waiting for the Orange Line the next morning
id: 26389
Macaroni was waiting for me when I got home
id: 26390
Little Mac!
id: 26391
Awww, he's sleepy
id: 26392
Becky pulled up in the driveway
id: 26393
That got his attention
id: 26394
A girl and her cat
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