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06/26/09 - Spring.. or Summer cleaning in the Tech department at Baldwin!

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id: 26598
We set up some big tables to put crap on
id: 26599
Said crap
id: 26600
The pile got larger
id: 26601
There is a lot of weird old hardware lying around Jerry's office
id: 26602
Carol checks the high shelves
id: 26603
Carol asks a question..
id: 26604
..and apparnetly isn't happy with the response
id: 26605
Jerry carries a printer
id: 26606
Dave started a stack of these containers
id: 26607
Don't copy that floppy!
id: 26608
I snagged one or two of these laptops. I don't even remember
id: 26609
Dave works on his container tower
id: 26610
id: 26611
How are you going to get that last one up?
id: 26612
Very nice
id: 26613
Jerry admires Dave's container tower while holding the old aluminum foil ball
id: 26614
I had to take a bunch of photo ID pictures so I made Jerry stand in for the configuration shot
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