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09/11/09 - A few pics of the Mount Lafayette trip (batteries died!!), kittens at home, and Dave

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id: 26673
This is the only picture I took when I went to visit Brett and Rosie's new apartment
id: 26674
Dad drinks some coffee before we hit the road to get to Mount Lafayette
id: 26675
Dad getting ready in the parking lot at the base of the mountain
id: 26676
Would you want to hike up three mountains along 9 miles of trail in 11 hours with this madman?
id: 26677
I got roped into it. I didn't look this chipper the next time I walked by this spot... At this point the batteries died and I realized my backups were at home! Ah well, videos will be on Youtube
id: 26678
Isabelle and Macaroni watch me get in the car as I head off for Philadelphia
id: 26679
Buzz walking around
id: 26680
Water is Wet Part 1
id: 26681
Water is Wet Part 2
id: 26682
Buzz takes a drink
id: 26683
They like to stand on the scratching thing while they drink
id: 26684
Neil is also thirsty
id: 26685
How was the water, Neil?
id: 26686
Dave talking to a teacher
id: 26687
Uhoh, I'm busted
id: 26688
Shut down
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