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09/13/09 - Neil and Buzz around the apartment!

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id: 26689
Neil explores the couch
id: 26690
He likes smelling this blanket
id: 26691
Walking along..
id: 26692
Fighting on the floor!
id: 26693
They love tubes
id: 26694
Tubes are endless fun
id: 26695
They also love this towel
id: 26696
Get that tube, Neil!
id: 26697
Buzz watches warily
id: 26698
Sniffing the tube
id: 26699
Neil is actually sleeping in the cat bed for once!
id: 26700
Closeup on Neil's face
id: 26701
Sweet bed
id: 26702
Buzz hangs with the PS3
id: 26703
Here it is again with a nicer white balance
id: 26704
Normally Buzz sleeps on the Air Force hat (which they have adopted as a bed) but this time it's Neil!
id: 26705
Hi Neil!
id: 26706
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