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09/18/09 - Some shots of Jupiter and a bunch of pictures of Dave playing with Neil and Buzz

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id: 26707
Jupiter and the Galilean moons
id: 26708
A digital zoom with all four moons
id: 26709
Neil goes for the thing on a string
id: 26710
id: 26711
Go get it!
id: 26712
Dave keeps swinging the thing
id: 26713
id: 26714
Getting up into shirt territory!
id: 26715
Buzz climbing up Dave's leg
id: 26716
Climbing higher..
id: 26717
Higher still!
id: 26718
How'd he get back down there?
id: 26719
Neil watches the swinging toy
id: 26720
Now it's over there
id: 26721
Now it's back!
id: 26722
He really wants it
id: 26723
Buzz watches Neil's antics
id: 26724
Neil has a close one, nearly falling off
id: 26725
Neil caught it!
id: 26726
Oh nooo he's going to fall!
id: 26727
Neil's too smart for that trick
id: 26728
Buzz starts climbing again
id: 26729
Hold on tight!
id: 26730
Neil waits for the toy to swing closer
id: 26731
It's Neil's turn to climb
id: 26732
Higher than ever!
id: 26733
Well into shirt territory!
id: 26734
Neil watches the toy again from the window
id: 26735
They like to hang out here
id: 26736
Dave rolls Buzz around on the floor
id: 26737
id: 26738
Neil tries to turn the Dreamcast off
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