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10/21/09 - James stops by to visit on his way to Orlando, where he now lives!

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id: 26847
Driving to Domino's!
id: 26848
Waiting for pizza to be ready
id: 26849
We decided to get Domino's for old times sake
id: 26850
James posing in front of a defunct Pizza Hut
id: 26851
This is how we knew it was a Pizza Hut
id: 26852
Looking in the window
id: 26853
Looking in the other window
id: 26854
James jumped and stuck a magnet high up this pole
id: 26855
Hey I know that guy
id: 26856
James says these things are actually really gross
id: 26857
Looking down the street
id: 26858
I accidentally took a second long exposure picture but liked the result
id: 26859
The magnet James stuck on the pole
id: 26860
Jenga makes James nervous
id: 26861
The tower rises!
id: 26862
id: 26863
Oh man, stressful
id: 26864
Oh jeez
id: 26865
I guess that was inevitable
id: 26866
Neil isn't sure what to think of James
id: 26867
Neil presents his foot
id: 26868
Doesn't James know where that foot has been?
id: 26869
Neil looks to me for help
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