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10/25/09 - Various pictures of things in the sky I took while covering a field hockey game for Baldwin

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id: 26885
A sweet panorama of clouds at sunset (with the moon in the center) that I took in the parking lot of Lockheed Martin.. don't ask.
id: 26870
An airplane!
id: 26871
A digitally zoomed airplane!
id: 26872
Cool clouds and leaves
id: 26873
Another airplane!
id: 26874
Is there an airport around here or something?
id: 26875
A bird!
id: 26876
The bird is getting closer!
id: 26877
A hawk, I think
id: 26878
The hawk hung out for a while
id: 26879
id: 26880
id: 26881
id: 26882
Neil looks pretty wasted after his first experience with catnip
id: 26883
Buzz contemplates climbing my leg
id: 26884
Neil seemingly comes out of it..
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