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11/01/09 - Spooky Halloween party with DJ Franken-Flo!

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id: 26894
Hanging out before the party
id: 26895
Flo looks alert
id: 26896
Brett is half in his Francis costume already
id: 26897
Tony is looking pretty stylish
id: 26898
If only he knew how important this gun would be by the end of the night..
id: 26899
"Is that Coach?" "Yes, he's coming to kill you." "Is that Flo?" "Yes, he's coming to kill you."
id: 26900
Rosie makes some Spooky Punch!
id: 26901
Flo keeps the chair warm
id: 26902
Brett puts his tattoos on
id: 26903
Tony plays with his butterfly knife
id: 26904
Brett made a pretty good Francis!
id: 26905
Look out for that guy behind you, Tony!
id: 26906
Shayna and Tony both went as "generic mafioiso"
id: 26907
Flo doesn't understand computers
id: 26908
John is pretty spooky..
id: 26909
John is a "generic soldier" with a kickass airsoft rifle
id: 26910
Hanging out on the couch
id: 26911
Some friends of Brett and Rosie's
id: 26912
John got a pretty sweet seat in the corner
id: 26913
Roman guy!
id: 26914
Rosie in her wig
id: 26915
Couch party!
id: 26916
Amelia Earhart and a witch!
id: 26917
Brett's brother's girlfriend was a Hunter!
id: 26918
Shayna made some pretty funny faces
id: 26919
Brett's brother Scott went as "Swine Flu" ..get it? Swine.. Flew?
id: 26920
Rosie and Shayna
id: 26921
Time to use the laptop
id: 26922
All night we played Russian Roulette with a nerf gun but shooting each other. If shot, you had to take a shot!
id: 26923
Brett was shot several times..
id: 26924
Time for jenga!
id: 26925
The tower is ready!
id: 26926
Brett has a scorpion pop
id: 26927
Brett was having a lot of fun
id: 26928
Get the tower ready!
id: 26929
Tony used his gun to shoot out blocks
id: 26930
I call this shot "The Apex" since I think it was the peak of Brett's drunken night
id: 26931
The moment of failure in Jenga!
id: 26932
Brett despairing
id: 26933
id: 26934
Gross scorpion pop
id: 26935
That piece? Really?
id: 26936
This is the face Brett makes right before being shot
id: 26937
Shayna puts Brett's liver on the line once again
id: 26938
Amelia Earhart stole my Engineer costume!
id: 26939
Clark James joined us live via satellite! Well.. Skype, but you know
id: 26940
Tony talks to James
id: 26941
James really looked like he was on the space station or something with the crappy feed and American flag in the background
id: 26942
Brett talks to James
id: 26943
I call this one "the morning after." The aspirin pills were really small.. Tony read on the label "do not exceed 48 pills in 24 hours"
id: 26944
Getting ready to go to a diner!
id: 26945
Waiting for the car to be clear
id: 26946
Walking along..
id: 26947
Tony's got his mafioso hat
id: 26948
This is the worst diner in history
id: 26949
Brett and John had no idea what they were getting into
id: 26950
Waiting for a table..
id: 26951
I got a pretty spiffy spoon for my coffee!
id: 26952
Brett got a weird fork
id: 26953
Rosie got a dirty fork
id: 26954
John got a cracked glass
id: 26955
Look at that glass! Also, the water was soapy
id: 26956
This is the only picture of me from the night.. I'm the lump in the back helping to deflate Ol' Deflatey
id: 26957
The horrible diner. Gross
id: 26958
Bagels with Dad and Becky!
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