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11/02/09 - Some photos I took of products in the Baldwin Bookstore for the website

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id: 26959
A lovely mug
id: 26960
You can see me in the reflection!
id: 26961
You can see Dave in his red shit in this photo!
id: 26962
A white mug
id: 26963
A bear!
id: 26964
I was really happy with this photo. I love blurry backgrounds
id: 26965
Dave had a lot of trouble getting this sticker off..
id: 26966
A hat
id: 26967
Another hat
id: 26968
The back of that hat
id: 26969
I photoshopped out the sticker mess later
id: 26970
The back of the hat
id: 26971
Dave gets the hat ready
id: 26972
id: 26973
id: 26974
I liked this picture of the water bottle
id: 26975
A blanket
id: 26976
The leaves were a nice touch, Dave
id: 26977
There are actually two students behind this blanket..
id: 26978
id: 26979
The almighty water bottle!
id: 26980
We tried to get a picture of it in the air
id: 26981
It was tough
id: 26982
This one is pretty good
id: 26983
I like this one
id: 26984
We forgot to get the "Alumna" before
id: 26985
Dave uses my Sham-Wow to clean the back of Joanne's car so we can put stickers on it
id: 26986
You'll be saying "wow" every time
id: 26987
A magnet on Joanne's car
id: 26988
id: 26989
Dave gets the next magnet ready
id: 26990
I really like this one because of the weird distorted reflection of Dave
id: 26991
Dave puts some stickers up on his window
id: 26992
A bee!
id: 26993
A bee!!!
id: 26994
Dave's windows are gross
id: 26995
We used his office door window instead
id: 26996
Another sticker
id: 26997
Aaand one more
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