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11/23/09 - Anime USA 2009! Not a ton of cosplayer photos but there are some real gems in here

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id: 27013
Pennsylvania Ave??
id: 27014
We had some great weather driving down..
id: 27015
This was the best shot I got of the Washington Monument on the drive down
id: 27016
This is the best shot I got of the Capitol all weekend
id: 27017
We drove right by the Pentagon! The blue dot is us
id: 27018
The Pentagon!
id: 27019
Our room was pretty nice
id: 27020
Bryce on the phone
id: 27021
I wasn't able to shave before l left
id: 27022
The obligatory window shot.. we didn't have a great view
id: 27023
The VAT before we got set up
id: 27024
Bryce and Alan outside the VAT
id: 27025
The ceiling in the lobby was pretty spiffy
id: 27026
Bryce called Vic to find out what was going on
id: 27027
Waiting for Vic to arrive in his van
id: 27028
Alan and Bryce waiting in the dropoff area
id: 27029
Albert, McKeed, Jeff, Bryce, Joy, and Amanda all wait for Vic to show up
id: 27030
McKeed, Alan, Jeff, Joy, and Amanda
id: 27031
The "Zerg rush" in action
id: 27032
Vic's amazing server on wheels
id: 27033
Joy and McKeed gather the stuff in the lobby
id: 27034
Everybody push!
id: 27035
Equipment begins to arrive in the VAT
id: 27036
Amanda stands guard
id: 27037
Everyone gathers around waiting for setup time
id: 27038
Albert was having a good time
id: 27039
Amanda hangs out on the floor
id: 27040
McKeed standing around
id: 27041
Mr. Burrito himself arrives
id: 27042
Alan, Albert, and Bryce in the lobby
id: 27043
Alan orders some chinese food
id: 27044
Alan and Albert in the chinese food place
id: 27045
Poor Jeff got stuck with the task of assembling the Rock Band drums
id: 27046
This was a device Vic had me attach to a mic boom so he could calibrate the projector
id: 27047
Vic supervises the drum assembly
id: 27048
Bryce looks sad in the darkness
id: 27049
McKeed and Jeff inspect the drum setup
id: 27050
Artists Alley before the artists arrived
id: 27051
Buckyball structures!
id: 27052
McKeed finally succeeded in making an icosahedron
id: 27053
Filling in the windows..
id: 27054
And the points!
id: 27055
McKeed holds his creation
id: 27056
Rock Band!
id: 27057
Quite a band
id: 27058
Alan works on the server
id: 27059
Omar on his laptop
id: 27060
Busted by Alan
id: 27061
The cool roof
id: 27062
Looking down from the elevator
id: 27063
Congoers in the lobby
id: 27064
The line apparently starts there
id: 27065
Free Red Bull from the Red Bull truck!
id: 27066
The awesome breakfast place I heard so much about
id: 27067
Unfortunately breakfast was over
id: 27068
But it was some pretty nice Chinese food!
id: 27069
Artists Alley!
id: 27070
Waiting outside the Independence Center for some reason
id: 27071
I was really happy with this shot of Jeff and Joy I snagged from the moving elevator
id: 27072
The staff suite!
id: 27073
A great Yoko from Gurran Lagann. You can't really see her rifle here but it was great
id: 27074
Someone brought a Jaguar!!
id: 27075
Good ol' Sonic
id: 27076
Haruhi and Mario!
id: 27077
Bryce and McKeed tried some random fighting game
id: 27078
This guy was jamming all weekend with some excellent game music
id: 27079
Who you gonna call?
id: 27080
I saw this person hanging out on the balcony and thought it was neat
id: 27081
id: 27082
A very nice Zelda
id: 27083
Impressive Harley Quinn and Joker
id: 27084
Render chan!
id: 27085
id: 27086
All shaved and ready to rock
id: 27087
I saw a train from our window!
id: 27088
Bryce on duty in the booth
id: 27089
Vic's mixer
id: 27090
The server machine
id: 27091
A great Haruhi and Mikuru!
id: 27092
Bryce looks over the menu at Chili's
id: 27093
Albert too
id: 27094
A very goofy picture of Bryce and Albert posing with a giant chili pepper
id: 27095
id: 27096
Kabuto talks to Vic
id: 27097
The VAT.. aka AMV Theatre
id: 27098
I like security's uniform
id: 27099
A nice Death the Kid
id: 27100
Mel was jealous
id: 27101
A great Seras with very impressive blood splatter
id: 27102
Brian Moore, one of the co-creators of AMV Hell
id: 27103
Vic, Amanda, Brian, and Rinny
id: 27104
McKeed checks a text
id: 27105
Vic gets his hat ready
id: 27106
Vic works, Bryce drinks
id: 27107
Jackie, Brian, and me!
id: 27108
Vic needs his "caffeine"
id: 27109
Bryce was enjoying AMV Hell
id: 27110
These guys sat behind us and knew AMV Hell better than us!
id: 27111
What the hell kind of a box set is this??
id: 27112
Omar and Vic deep in concentration as they compete to be the Iron Editor
id: 27113
Vic works on his video
id: 27114
Bryce was the host
id: 27115
Spiffy tie, Bryce
id: 27116
Even Render chan needs dinner!
id: 27117
This guy had a neat breathing apparatus
id: 27118
The lobby was full of nerds!
id: 27119
Omar watches his video
id: 27120
The Iron Editor audience
id: 27121
Amanda as Render chan
id: 27122
Vic won!
id: 27123
These people were creepy and were also having a tea party
id: 27124
The glass elevators as seen from the outside
id: 27125
Bryce approaches..
id: 27126
Jackie, Alan, and Bryce walking to Chili's
id: 27127
This guy had a kind of cool costume
id: 27128
Sakura and Naruto at the bar
id: 27129
Bryce reviews the menu again
id: 27130
Alan takes a look in this accidental panorama
id: 27131
Our hotel had some neat art on the side
id: 27132
Lockeed Martin was nearby!
id: 27133
Our hotel
id: 27134
The art on the side again
id: 27135
Cosplayers in the street? A con must be nearby!
id: 27136
A crane!
id: 27137
Chun Li!
id: 27138
This guy was pretty bummed that the pool was closed
id: 27139
id: 27140
I found an Otakon ballot in with the AUSA ballots!
id: 27141
Brian and Omar in the control booth
id: 27142
Keep the audio in the yellow!
id: 27143
Yoko and Kamina!
id: 27144
I snagged a pic of Jupiter, Ganymede, Io, and Callisto while on the balcony! Ganymede shows up especially well
id: 27145
Captain N and.. Captain N!
id: 27146
This girl was popular
id: 27147
I was digging the lights and geometric lights in the lobby
id: 27148
Me and Albert got pizza!
id: 27149
A very impressive Sailor Moon
id: 27150
Cosplayers in the bar!
id: 27151
The hotel at night
id: 27152
Bryce and I ran the 1am to 4am "To Be Determined" slot
id: 27153
We determined that old 80s cartoons rule!
id: 27154
This is how we controled everything. We essentially VNCed into Vic's server from a nicer computer
id: 27155
Nice keyboard, handy in the dark
id: 27156
It's got a nifty, but dumb, little screen
id: 27157
Bryce looks so sad!
id: 27158
Amanda made a magnet mobius strip!
id: 27159
She also made... this thing
id: 27160
Packing up! So soon
id: 27161
Get everything in boxes
id: 27162
Por favor NO USE?? Is that for real?
id: 27163
Omar is crazy with the Ethiopian food
id: 27164
The companion cube ballot box
id: 27165
Vic found a weird wallscroll
id: 27166
Joanna ended up taking it
id: 27167
Vic hanging out
id: 27168
Waiting to load the van
id: 27169
All of Vic's equipment in the staging area in the lobby
id: 27170
Loading the van
id: 27171
Bryce considers the night ahead
id: 27172
I organized a voicemail bomb on Bryce
id: 27173
Alan's weird "pull internet out of the air" setup
id: 27174
Watching SickAnimation on McKeed's laptop
id: 27175
Hanging out in the room
id: 27176
Everyone holds the elevator
id: 27177
McKeed enjoys some appetizers at the staff dinner
id: 27178
Bryce and McKeed at dinner
id: 27179
We got our own menu!
id: 27180
McKeed plays with magnets
id: 27181
The only way to mix Midori
id: 27182
Bryce hanging out
id: 27183
Alan checks his phone
id: 27184
Joy sitting around
id: 27185
McKeed grills my sister
id: 27186
Everyone gathers around to look at a photo of Becky
id: 27187
Joy's sister get the McKeed treatment too!
id: 27188
A great face from Amanda
id: 27189
Vic's sweet laptop
id: 27190
Jeff tries his hand at I Wanna Be The Guy
id: 27191
Vic imparts useful advice
id: 27192
Bryce loses it when Jeff dies by accident
id: 27193
Jeff hard at work
id: 27194
A closeup of the game
id: 27195
You have to fight Mike Tyson!!
id: 27196
Everyone gathered around
id: 27197
Bryce wears his con badge in a different way..
id: 27198
Wave goodbye!
id: 27199
See you at new years!
id: 27200
Alan loads the trunk
id: 27201
Bryce grabs the receipt for parking
id: 27202
id: 27203
The Washington monument
id: 27204
A nice shot of the Washington and Jefferson monuments
id: 27205
Another shot of the Capitol
id: 27206
id: 27207
Pennsylvania Ave again!
id: 27208
The Goddard Space Flight Center!!
id: 27209
An odd billboard
id: 27210
It's hard to read but this guy's license plate says "GASSPASR"
id: 27211
The bay again
id: 27212
An odd traffic sign
id: 27213
Bryce is sick of driving
id: 27214
Nearly back!
id: 27215
My loot! An Asuka figurine, an AUSA badge, and some DVDs from McKeed. I also got two wallscrolls but I left them in Bryce's car
id: 27216
A closeup of my Asuka figurine
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