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12/23/09 - I brought my cats home for Christmas! That's right, four cats at my Mom's house!

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id: 27223
Becky hanging out in the living room
id: 27224
Buzz sniffs around
id: 27225
Macaroni investigates a cat bed
id: 27226
Buzz eats the plant
id: 27227
Becky looked at this and said "I love reindeer!"
id: 27228
Becky watches the cats playing
id: 27229
Buzz checks out the living room
id: 27230
Macaroni sniffs a bow
id: 27231
Buzz and Macaroni were still pretty wary of each other at first
id: 27232
Buzz hits Macaroni!
id: 27233
Buzz looks out the window
id: 27234
Neil looking around
id: 27235
Laser eyes!
id: 27236
Mom replaced the blue lights with red ones! She just swapped out the glass cones
id: 27237
Macaroni and Neil investigate the humidifier
id: 27238
Macaroni sniffs around
id: 27239
What's up, Macaroni?
id: 27240
Neil walking around the corner
id: 27241
Isabelle's eyes look insane!
id: 27242
That's better
id: 27243
Macaroni got so big!
id: 27244
Buzz walks by Macaroni
id: 27245
Neil watches from the table
id: 27246
The creepy nutcrackers were out in force this year..
id: 27247
It's Isabelle's turn to investigate the humidifier
id: 27248
The Christmas tree!
id: 27249
Buzz plays with a toy
id: 27250
Hi Buzz!
id: 27251
Don't open Macaroni like the presents!
id: 27252
Buzz gets really into the green toy
id: 27253
Get it, Buzz!
id: 27254
He got it!
id: 27255
Isabelle watches from the window
id: 27256
Buzz on the couch
id: 27257
Neil sees something
id: 27258
Neil from the side
id: 27259
Neil sitting on top of the couch
id: 27260
Isabelle didn't really like the visitors
id: 27261
Neil and Buzz sleeping on my snuggie!
id: 27262
Mom sitting on the touch
id: 27263
Buzz has a sweet mohawk, aka Neil's tail
id: 27264
Sweet hair, Buzz
id: 27265
Neil looks bored
id: 27266
And sure enough, he fell asleep
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