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12/30/09 - Christmas with the Burkes, and early Birthday celebrations!

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id: 27337
A familiar intersection in Malden
id: 27338
Driving to Burke family Christmas!
id: 27339
Dad and Amy
id: 27340
Christmas time
id: 27341
Dad tried to get me to eat this
id: 27342
Babies love bottles!
id: 27343
Dad had a good time
id: 27344
Main Street Melrose at night
id: 27345
Melrose Drug is closed!
id: 27346
Sushi is here!
id: 27347
My tiny birthday cake
id: 27348
id: 27349
Neil investigates
id: 27350
Becky had some maki
id: 27351
Becky liked it
id: 27352
Neil loves belly rubs
id: 27353
But really, who doesn't
id: 27354
id: 27355
The central spiral!
id: 27356
It's addictive
id: 27357
Neil hanging out on the piano bench
id: 27358
What's up, Neil?
id: 27359
Neil hanging out
id: 27360
Early birthday!
id: 27361
And a funny little cake!
id: 27362
Two candles on one side and four on the other
id: 27363
id: 27364
Ice cream with a caramel vein! Becky stole some of it while she thought I wasn't paying attention
id: 27365
id: 27366
Books and a future Fitbit!
id: 27367
I can't wait for my Fitbit
id: 27368
The kitties all drugged up and ready to hit the road!
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