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01/01/10 - The first night of Alancon and the first night of the new decade! The future is officially here!

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id: 27369
It just wouldn't be Alancon without Rock Band
id: 27370
Naruto Roll??
id: 27371
Alan and Albert in Kabuki
id: 27372
Jefferson inspects the camera
id: 27373
Waiting to be seated
id: 27374
Mckeed and Vic
id: 27375
Traeonna and Albert
id: 27376
Flying Monkey roll, I believe
id: 27377
Piles of sushi
id: 27378
We got the big platter
id: 27379
And Mckeed wasted no time!
id: 27380
The freaks at the other end of the table
id: 27381
Albert and Botox
id: 27382
If you check the timestamps, you'll see that the giant platter barely lasted ten minutes
id: 27383
The infamous Alan Punch
id: 27384
Hanging out and playing games
id: 27385
The view through the Rock Band drums
id: 27386
Playing House of the Dead on the Wii
id: 27387
Jefferson vegges out
id: 27388
Delicious Pizza
id: 27389
Amanda takes a shot
id: 27390
Such concentration
id: 27391
Joanna chooses to surf the net
id: 27392
Vic watches some Wii
id: 27393
One of Alan's model kits
id: 27394
Kill them zombies dead! This is the last picture of the decade!
id: 27395
And ringing in the new year is this picture of me finishing off some champagne. This is the first of my Project 365 photos
id: 27396
Before long, Rock Band returned
id: 27397
Go, Vic, Go
id: 27398
Mckeed and Joanna hanging out
id: 27399
Joy's turn on the mic
id: 27400
Vic's a pro
id: 27401
Mckeed's turn on the drums
id: 27402
Jeff's up on the mic!
id: 27403
A classic
id: 27404
Getting ready to head out for breakfast
id: 27405
IHOP! It's a tradition
id: 27406
Albert was wicked excited
id: 27407
Mckeed got what he wanted
id: 27408
Jefferson's supermarket card came in handy
id: 27409
This is supposedly cabbage
id: 27410
Albert waiting to be seated
id: 27411
Jefferson seems stoked
id: 27412
IHOP makes Vic sad
id: 27413
Alan looks like he's in the process of saying something really creepy
id: 27414
Jeff and Joy!
id: 27415
A nice shot of Mckeed
id: 27416
The minutes tick by..
id: 27417
Sweet license plate.. I guess
id: 27418
Traeonna, Mckeed, and Jonanna return from the supermarket with breakfast supplies for the next day
id: 27419
Albert is secretly a vampire
id: 27420
The grocery team returns!
id: 27421
We finally got seated but four of us splintered off onto a more reasonable table
id: 27422
It was me, Mckeed, Joanna, and Traeonna
id: 27423
Mckeed orders some pancakes
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