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01/03/10 - Alancon comes to its inevitable close with more games and more food. See you all in July!

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id: 27503
Bryce and I polished off two cheesesteaks each
id: 27504
Alan is playing a video game.. at Alancon!?
id: 27505
Alan and Amanda waiting to go
id: 27506
Bryce seems ready. I don't think he actually played drum (or any Rock Band) all weekend
id: 27507
Vic needs a haircut
id: 27508
Captain Grumpface Bryce waits by the car
id: 27509
Ben stands around
id: 27510
No, Albert, the car is full!
id: 27511
Vic gets in the car last
id: 27512
Omar caught me
id: 27513
Amanda and Vic
id: 27514
What's Alan pointing at?
id: 27515
Albert checks something on his phone
id: 27516
Ben and Omar wait to be seated
id: 27517
The greatest minds of our generation..
id: 27518
Bahama Breeze was nice but kind of weird
id: 27519
Our waiter says "D:"
id: 27520
Bryce thought that previous caption was funny
id: 27521
Another priceless Albert picture
id: 27522
My third Project 365 photo!
id: 27523
Those freaking fake deer that always freak me out when I'm driving past!
id: 27524
That is one messed up flag.
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