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03/07/10 - My cousin Colleen gets married! I flew down to Ft. Lauderdale for it!

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id: 27658
Picture of the day!
id: 27659
My airplane! It's a 737
id: 27660
The view from the window next to the elevators
id: 27661
A weird picture I snapped on the way to the worst brunch service ever
id: 27662
There was a cool drawbridge near our hotel
id: 27657
The view from our hotel balcony
id: 27663
Giant cruise ships!
id: 27664
I thought these two cruise ships were buildings
id: 27665
Palm trees!
id: 27666
The ocean!
id: 27667
The bridge is closed!
id: 27668
The airport was pretty close to the hotel
id: 27669
Fancy ships
id: 27670
A bunch of tiny boats!
id: 27671
Funny little boats
id: 27672
The drawbridge open all the way!
id: 27673
Giant cruise ship!
id: 27674
Look at how small the people are!
id: 27675
This one is supposed to be the largest cruise ship in the world
id: 27676
Rotating away..
id: 27677
It moved surprisingly fast!
id: 27678
The people in front really give it scale
id: 27679
Out to sea!
id: 27680
Yes, I wore a suit
id: 27681
Uncle Bud and Aunt Kathy are psyched
id: 27682
I spotted Erin across the room
id: 27683
Not uncomfortable at all
id: 27684
Aunt Teresa made me pose for a second picture
id: 27685
Gragra's all dressed up
id: 27686
Erin and Gragra!
id: 27687
Mom, Pat, and Aunt Kathy
id: 27688
Aunt Kathy and Mom
id: 27689
Mom, Gragra, and Aunt Teresa waiting to go to the church
id: 27690
Talking about.. something
id: 27691
id: 27692
This appears to be a protest against Hamas
id: 27693
Our hotel!
id: 27694
A funny dolphin sculpture
id: 27695
Not the kind of street I'm used to seeing..
id: 27696
Unlce Michael talks to people in this car
id: 27697
Mom and Kate
id: 27698
Hi Uncle Michael
id: 27699
id: 27700
Waiting outside the church
id: 27701
The church
id: 27702
Mom and Aunt Kathy head inside
id: 27703
Inside the church!
id: 27704
Waiting around
id: 27705
Weird sandals
id: 27706
A whole setup!
id: 27707
Spiffy flowers
id: 27708
Becky was a bridesmaid
id: 27709
Becky had a lot of fun
id: 27710
Uncle Bud walks Colleen down the aisle!
id: 27711
There they go!
id: 27712
The bride and groom!
id: 27713
Erin watches her sister
id: 27714
Colleen's bouquet
id: 27715
Becky read a thing
id: 27716
Hand in the air
id: 27717
Erin reads a thing too
id: 27718
id: 27719
The glass!
id: 27720
Colleen's excited
id: 27721
Aunt Regina, Uncle Jim, and Gragra!
id: 27722
Sushi boats!! They lasted about 8 minutes
id: 27723
Mom and Becky!
id: 27724
Me, Mom and Becky!
id: 27725
Dinner time!
id: 27726
The wedding party assembles
id: 27727
The newlyweds!
id: 27728
Aunt Kathy!
id: 27729
Colleen and Uncle Bud dancing!
id: 27730
id: 27731
id: 27732
More daaancing
id: 27733
The groom dances with his mom
id: 27734
Uncle Chris, Aunt Meredith, and Aunt Teresa!
id: 27735
Dancing time!
id: 27736
id: 27737
Mom's excited
id: 27738
Everyone dancing
id: 27739
Yep, dancing continues
id: 27740
Mom and Caitlin show their moves
id: 27741
Dancing is fun
id: 27742
Haha, Mom and Caitlin keep dancing
id: 27743
Kate and Pat!
id: 27744
Colleen dancing!
id: 27745
I gave my Mom the video camera
id: 27746
Dance dance dance
id: 27747
My Mom's side of the family!
id: 27748
Mom and Becky!
id: 27749
Erin and Colleen dancing
id: 27750
Uncle Peter and Aunt Meredith
id: 27751
Pat and Kate had fun
id: 27752
Uncle Stephen and Aunt Danni!
id: 27753
Mom and Colleen are excited!
id: 27754
id: 27755
Fun fun
id: 27756
id: 27757
This is why Guitar Hero needs to be at every wedding
id: 27758
Posing is fun
id: 27759
The DJ at work
id: 27760
Johnny and Erin!
id: 27761
Danny looks so.. stricken!
id: 27762
What's wrong Caitlin?
id: 27763
Aunt Meredith and Uncle Peter
id: 27764
Uncle Brian does some kind of.. hand thing
id: 27765
Aunt Laura's giving Mom a really funny look over Uncle Brian's shoulder
id: 27766
Caitlin's dancefest continues
id: 27767
Kate had fun
id: 27768
Everyone on the dance floor
id: 27769
The groom's mom
id: 27770
The DJ again
id: 27771
Johnny and Uncle Peter
id: 27772
I liked this one too so I kept it
id: 27773
Clouds in the distance
id: 27774
Fancy boats
id: 27775
The view of the cruise ships from the ground
id: 27776
Palm trees!
id: 27777
Picture of the day!
id: 27778
The hotel lobby
id: 27779
Neat lights
id: 27780
You can see boats right from the lobby
id: 27781
id: 27782
I got another window seat!
id: 27783
Where's the dot go?
id: 27784
Waiting in line behind another 737
id: 27785
Non-circular inlets!
id: 27786
Another plane
id: 27787
I liked the reflection of the clouds on the wing
id: 27788
And away they go!
id: 27789
id: 27790
I'm in the skyyy
id: 27791
Source: Public Water Supply
id: 27792
Clouds and shadows!
id: 27793
id: 27794
An island!
id: 27795
id: 27796
Getting lower..
id: 27797
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