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03/31/10 - Spring Break! I bought an eBook reader and saw Avatar with Aunt Teresa!

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id: 27798
I finally caved and bought an eBook reader!
id: 27799
It's a Sony Pocket Reader
id: 27800
Here's the back
id: 27801
id: 27802
It came wrapped in foam
id: 27803
Nice! It fits right in my hand
id: 27804
Complimentary cable?
id: 27805
A case!
id: 27806
Macaroni loves the heart blanket
id: 27807
Mom and Macaroni
id: 27808
Macaroni is bored
id: 27809
My Proj365 pic with the Reader!
id: 27810
The funky little theater me and Aunt Teresa went to see Avatar at
id: 27811
Avatar with Aunt Teresa!
id: 27812
The theater was tiny and weird but kind of neat! For the record, this was viewing #9
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