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04/05/10 - Anime Boston 2010! I was Senior Tech this year and finally started learning peoples' names!

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id: 27813
Ready to rock
id: 27814
"Where're you going?"
id: 27815
The good ol' Hynes
id: 27816
Snazzy bed
id: 27817
I'll take the couch. I eventually ended up with couch cushions on the floor but it was comfy
id: 27818
We got a big triangular banner this year!
id: 27819
The 2010 Staff shirt
id: 27820
Taking the elevator down
id: 27821
The registration line!
id: 27822
Nice rocket
id: 27823
Not endorsed by NASA
id: 27824
Laying fiber optic cable
id: 27825
I had to hold it at the corner so it didn't rumb against the column
id: 27826
A DDR machine!
id: 27827
The fiber optic ended up becoming a real mess
id: 27828
Main Events being set up
id: 27829
How many AB staffers does it take to untangle a cable..
id: 27830
Setting up a video room
id: 27831
This is one giant speaker
id: 27832
Mike Lee talks at the All Hands Meeting. I missed it this year
id: 27833
Tech ops!
id: 27834
The Tech higher ups
id: 27835
Mike Lee seems confused
id: 27836
It's like Desmond's looking right at me!
id: 27837
Melissa looks bored
id: 27838
My schedule for this year
id: 27839
Marion, the schedule master!
id: 27840
This is Steven's (on the right) first con, and he's already staff!
id: 27841
So many radios!
id: 27842
What's in the case?
id: 27843
My badge was a real mess this year
id: 27844
Cosplayers in the mall! Let the madness begin!
id: 27845
The program guide this year
id: 27846
Brian was also staffing/attending a con for the first time
id: 27847
Ben got a neat headset
id: 27848
id: 27849
DOKool at his... DOKoolest.... >_>
id: 27850
The poor souls who came to DOKool's panel
id: 27851
Setting up for Anime Squares
id: 27852
Patrick, the tallest man in the world
id: 27853
This year's mascots
id: 27854
Nice wallpaper
id: 27855
Patrick and Sketch!
id: 27856
Travis Touchdown won a prize!
id: 27857
No one picked Patrick, so he put ;_; on his iPhone
id: 27858
Gary Oak joined the squares!
id: 27859
Duke Nukem.. with a unicycle!
id: 27860
Oh no! Hunters!
id: 27861
This is nearly the same picture, but there is a weird laser grid on it. I think it was a rangefinder from someone's camera
id: 27862
A whole Left 4 Dead crew!
id: 27863
I saw this guy on the escalator
id: 27864
Nice sign, Rorschach
id: 27865
Lightning from FFXIII
id: 27866
The Main Events area as seen from the escalator
id: 27867
Jefferson came!
id: 27868
Bioshock characters!
id: 27869
Legend of Zelda cosplayers
id: 27870
I'm a big fan of this shirt.. but I probably shouldn't wear it at Baldwin..
id: 27871
Anime Boston shot glass!
id: 27872
With the mascots!
id: 27873
I bought some pins! Haunter is my favorite pokemon
id: 27874
I put them on my vest
id: 27875
I got a Muk for Bryce, his favorite
id: 27876
Ready to hit the con floor
id: 27877
A heavy!
id: 27878
Light is up to no good
id: 27879
I kept running into these Valkyria Chronicles cosplayers. They were great!
id: 27880
Nerds buying Chinese food!
id: 27881
This was good, but I felt kind of sick after..
id: 27882
Weird cosplayers wandering through the food court
id: 27883
Sketch ran the 18+ Anime Dating Game!
id: 27884
Commander and her friends had their green screen picture taken in costume!
id: 27885
That girl with the big gun I see every year
id: 27886
Commander hates cameras
id: 27887
A well done Yoko cosplayer was Sketch's assistant
id: 27888
id: 27889
Jefferson came too
id: 27890
The Dating Game continues..
id: 27891
Yoko with the laptop
id: 27892
Techies at work
id: 27893
There is apparently some anime with countries as characters, this is America hassling Russia
id: 27894
Russia and America
id: 27895
Oh my. Relations have really improved since the Cold War
id: 27896
People running out of the room?
id: 27897
Gary Oak, Jiraiya and Yoko
id: 27898
I... really don't know what's going on here
id: 27899
They gave me a radio!
id: 27900
This guy showed up for
id: 27901
The mixer I use to control the mics
id: 27902
My radio!
id: 27903
Billy Mays, why do you have a Shamwow?
id: 27904
A huge Left 4 Dead crew outside
id: 27905
Zoey's got a molotov!
id: 27906
Nerds in the courtyard!
id: 27907
Looks like someone else scaped from Vault 101
id: 27908
The Prudential tower!
id: 27909
There are some weird people at Anime Boston..
id: 27910
This guy was just standing around like this..
id: 27911
Naruto characters!
id: 27912
Standing in the wind
id: 27913
Why so glum, Heavy?
id: 27914
Zoey takes some pictures
id: 27915
Nick and a Boomer have a conversation
id: 27916
Zoey with pills and a molotov!
id: 27917
Neat umbrella
id: 27918
Her SPOON is too big!
id: 27919
Ack! Missingno! Hide your Pokemon cartridges!
id: 27920
This guy was great, and it was even better when I noticed the art in his hand later
id: 27921
A large group of Soul Eater cosplayers
id: 27922
A Hellsing group!
id: 27923
The interior of this guy's costume was all cardboard and duct tape
id: 27924
Guy Fawkes sure has mellowed out
id: 27925
Another good Zelda group
id: 27926
The Silk Spectre!
id: 27927
A sweet Princess Tutu cosplayer
id: 27928
Blue haired girl on the escalator?
id: 27929
You see a lot of people playing on their DS at Anime Boston..
id: 27930
The prince himself!
id: 27931
id: 27932
Weird costume
id: 27933
I knew I'd find some Na'vi!
id: 27934
A non-flash version
id: 27935
Rorschach with his face on
id: 27936
Metal Gear!?
id: 27937
Riding up the escalator
id: 27938
Commie bastards!
id: 27939
I found them and got another picture
id: 27940
Chell with a sweet photobomber in the background
id: 27941
Mr. Nobuo Uematsu! The composer for the Final Fantasy series!
id: 27942
Proj365 picture with Nobuo!
id: 27943
A weird furry dude waiting to ask a question
id: 27944
So many techies!
id: 27945
These guys ran cosplay court
id: 27946
The cosplay court baliffs made shadow puppets!
id: 27947
And fun was had by all
id: 27948
This made me laugh
id: 27949
Pit from Smash Brothers!
id: 27950
I missed the AMV contest this year so I took a picture of the ballot to look it up later
id: 27951
The other side of the ballot
id: 27952
Looks like we've upgraded to widescreen displays this year!
id: 27953
The Main Events stage is neat
id: 27954
Desmond lays down some cables
id: 27955
id: 27956
That weird box guy!
id: 27957
He needed a hug
id: 27958
Naruto as the demon fox
id: 27959
Anime Boston's safe broke! A safe expert had to crack it!
id: 27960
Looks like it took a while
id: 27961
Singing the Hentai Dubbing theme!
id: 27962
Dick Tripwire can feel the energy!
id: 27963
Everyone is psyched!
id: 27964
Someone had an iPad in the audience! Assuming they came out at midnight, it had only been 22 and a half hours!
id: 27965
Dick Tripwire sets up the first participants
id: 27966
Captain Jack Sparrow did well
id: 27967
I thought this camera looked oddly menacing from this angle
id: 27968
Me and Dick Tripwire!
id: 27969
The Anime Boston Dance!
id: 27970
With earplugs is was actually pretty neat since it was all nerdy music. Where else will you hear the Katamari theme at 130 decibels?
id: 27971
id: 27972
id: 27973
id: 27974
The DJ
id: 27975
I bought this at Artist's Alley
id: 27976
I had my anime caricature done for my mom
id: 27977
Matt the Mat!
id: 27978
Nobuo again!
id: 27979
id: 27980
Little Ed was very popular at the FMA panel
id: 27981
This is a typical setup at a panel. From right to left, video switcher, wireless mic receiver, mixer, and cd recorder with some other stuff
id: 27982
Big ol' box of cables
id: 27983
Putting a screen frame away
id: 27984
Wheeling boxes around
id: 27985
Assembling the equipment in Panel A
id: 27986
What a mess!
id: 27987
I got an award!
id: 27988
Loading stuff into the truck!
id: 27989
Is that all we are to these vendors?
id: 27990
Spiffy hat, Matt
id: 27991
Matt and Steven show the backs of their shirts
id: 27992
Sean and the truck guy
id: 27993
Taking a quick break
id: 27994
Holding boxes on the lift
id: 27995
That huge box only holds a projector! It's huge!
id: 27996
A sea of radios!
id: 27997
What's up, Desmond?
id: 27998
I got some reading done while waiting for everything to wrap up
id: 27999
Mike Lee surrenders his radio.. the last one!
id: 28000
Napping during Mike's speech?
id: 28001
Mike's got a little captain in him
id: 28002
Melissa yells at everyone to get their attention
id: 28003
Desmond seems pretty relaxed after a tough weekend
id: 28004
It's always sad to see the convention center empty again
id: 28005
A blimp!
id: 28006
The Apple store across the street was popular.. damn iPad
id: 28007
The back of the bus! Where the cool kids sit
id: 28008
Matt made some gross faces
id: 28009
Mike Lee's brother, Connor, I think.
id: 28010
Demond takes some pictures
id: 28011
Driving to the Dead Dog party!
id: 28012
Desmond's psyched
id: 28013
The bus we took
id: 28014
This year's party was at Big City, a place with pool and a great beer list
id: 28015
Piling into the building
id: 28016
Cool setup with the pool cues!
id: 28017
Everyone was amazed
id: 28018
id: 28019
I played some pool!
id: 28020
Lloyd lines up a shot
id: 28021
The food line was pretty long
id: 28022
Matt's turn
id: 28023
Steven took my picture with his disposable camera
id: 28024
A 23 ounce glass of Sam Adams Boston Ale!
id: 28025
Steven was pretty good!
id: 28026
Well this picture turned out kind of goofy
id: 28027
Team Nemesis!
id: 28028
Me and that banana guy!
id: 28029
Me and Desmond!
id: 28030
Me and Marion!
id: 28031
Matt's full of crazy faces
id: 28032
Me and Matt Darling! We used to be in Latin class together, now we just see each other at Anime Boston
id: 28033
Me and Matt!
id: 28034
Me and Jason, my roommate for two years running
id: 28035
I forget this guy's name but he was in the Video Game Orchestra and played pool with us
id: 28036
Despondent Desmond.. also, why is there a temporary tattoo on his forehead?
id: 28037
Me and Mike Lee!
id: 28038
Me and Pool Teacher Lloyd!
id: 28039
The TV in the hotel crashed!
id: 28040
Matt sure looked creepy on the escaltor railing..
id: 28041
I had 40 texts in the morning! Damn Twitter!
id: 28042
Aw, now that's a sad sight
id: 28043
There were still some cosplayers around.. albeit packed up and leaving..
id: 28044
Idiots waiting for the Apple store to open.. wait.. if I'm here taking the picture... oh no! I'm all idiots!
id: 28045
Yes, the infamous iPad
id: 28046
It's really an ideal manga reader
id: 28047
I had to see something familiar with it
id: 28048
Oh Apple. How do you be so smug?
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