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04/24/10 - Magnets and a prank on Jerry!

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id: 28059
Magnetic icosahedrons are fun!
id: 28060
How big can it get?
id: 28061
Pretty big, actually
id: 28062
Dave is hard at work
id: 28063
Oh wait, no he isn't
id: 28064
This is what happens when Jerry is around to defend himself
id: 28065
id: 28066
This was good enough that even Latrisse didn't mind being on camera
id: 28067
Fun was had by all
id: 28068
A bigger icosahedron!
id: 28069
Magnets are fun
id: 28070
Dave destroyed it later
id: 28071
Buzz really needs to work on his catnip problem
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