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05/03/10 - Interview at Synacor, hanging out with Topaz, and being tourists at Niagara Falls!

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id: 28075
I made it with seconds to spare for my Project 365 picture!
id: 28076
Edamame is serious business
id: 28077
I'll pass
id: 28078
Topaz loves sushi
id: 28079
id: 28080
id: 28081
I'm ready
id: 28082
Oh boy
id: 28083
All spiffed up for my interview
id: 28084
My sunglasses were never seen again after this picture
id: 28085
We are here?
id: 28086
Topaz's got a little captain in him
id: 28087
What could that giant plume be?
id: 28088
It's Niagara Falls!
id: 28089
Look at all the water!
id: 28090
id: 28091
It makes a big cloud
id: 28072
Niagara Falls! Seen from the American side
id: 28092
The edge!
id: 28093
Topaz handled the video camera
id: 28094
Standing waves!
id: 28095
The edge again
id: 28096
Frozen in time!
id: 28097
id: 28098
It's the Maid of the Mist! The boat that drives around near the bottom of the falls
id: 28099
Into the void!
id: 28100
The water spraying out at the bottom was really cool
id: 28101
Those rocks are really getting pummeled
id: 28102
id: 28103
Potential 365 pic
id: 28104
id: 28105
Outside elevator!
id: 28106
I thought this was the Toronto skyneedle when we were driving up. Silly me
id: 28107
A drop tower!
id: 28108
A kid was flying a kite
id: 28109
The American falls!
id: 28110
Don't lean over too far!
id: 28111
This must've been way freakier before the railing was installed
id: 28112
Crazy people going behind the falls!
id: 28113
Ahhhh water!
id: 28114
id: 28115
It's an impressive sight
id: 28116
More depressed rocks
id: 28117
Ahhh, hold on!
id: 28118
Don't take his poncho off!
id: 28119
More people going to get very very wet
id: 28120
id: 28121
id: 28122
The American falls!
id: 28123
How has that little log not fallen over yet?
id: 28124
Looking upstream
id: 28125
Over the edge!
id: 28126
Another "frozen in time" shot
id: 28127
Sweet observation point
id: 28128
The falls and the bridge
id: 28129
id: 28130
Oh hello Nikola Tesla, I didn't expect to see you here
id: 28131
Topaz love fudge
id: 28132
id: 28133
I had to get a picture with him
id: 28134
This shot was Topaz's idea
id: 28135
Sweet artwork, haha
id: 28136
A giant wet ball! It was really gross to touch
id: 28137
The falls from the Canadian side!
id: 28073
Niagara Falls! Seen from the Canadian side
id: 28138
Hey, we were just there!
id: 28139
The Horseshoe falls!
id: 28140
Ah, now here's a proper Project 365 picture
id: 28141
Niagara Fails?
id: 28074
The falls with the bridge!
id: 28142
Clark James would like this place
id: 28143
Ahhh, gravity changed directions!
id: 28144
The US border
id: 28145
Please let us back in
id: 28146
We're citizens!
id: 28147
OK, time to put the camera away before they yell at us
id: 28148
Cool blue bridges
id: 28149
Almost back to Buffalo
id: 28150
On the bridge!
id: 28151
Bryce was really happy I came back
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