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06/12/10 - Mini Clark reunion, packing up Baldwin, and moving to Buffalo!

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id: 28172
Bryce is going to miss the kitties
id: 28173
Brett, James, and Tony all visited! Bryce was around too but couldn't make it for the picture
id: 28174
Eating Buzz like Saturn
id: 28175
Baldwin Tech group photo!
id: 28176
A few automated shots later.. Dave realizes what's going on
id: 28177
Bear loves socks!
id: 28178
Had to get a picture with Bear!
id: 28179
Bryce's engagement ring! He and Alicia are now engaged!
id: 28180
I finally got around to taking a picture of that creepy, creepy, art
id: 28181
My pile of boxes, ready to be picked up!
id: 28182
Also two chairs and a TV
id: 28183
Another angle of the pile
id: 28184
Oof, that's a lot of stuff
id: 28185
Dave wanted me to take this picture to show the faculty what he does all summer
id: 28186
Same with Carol
id: 28187
The state of my bedroom the night before leaving
id: 28188
My bed for the night
id: 28189
The kitchen still had a lot of crap too
id: 28190
Oh my god.. I don't know how I survived this
id: 28191
See how excited I was?
id: 28192
Neil likes the new apartment
id: 28193
My kitchen!
id: 28171
My new apartment is awesome!
id: 28194
Had to get the computer set up!
id: 28195
My sweet deck
id: 28196
It's so empty!
id: 28197
Buzz likes the windowsill
id: 28198
Neil does too
id: 28199
id: 28200
The movers are here!
id: 28201
Waiting for boxes?
id: 28202
Careful with my boxes!
id: 28203
My new Verizon router. I got FiOS!
id: 28204
Creepy lawn art on the neighbor's lawn
id: 28205
Making progress!
id: 28206
Rakka peeks over some boxes
id: 28207
My bike!
id: 28208
Neil lounges around. Jerry thought it was funny that I set up the computer before the desk
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