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07/04/10 - Otakon AMV prescreening!! Topaz and I drove down from Buffalo and had a great time

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id: 28429
Mckeed gets hydrated
id: 28430
Bryce settles in
id: 28431
Topaz gets a little last minute texting in
id: 28432
Jefferson sure looks comfy
id: 28433
Mckeed, Vic, Amanda, Peter, and Katie!
id: 28434
What's Pyson up to?
id: 28435
Bryce is having a good time
id: 28436
Everybody standing around during a break
id: 28437
Aquiline Studios!
id: 28438
The prescreening continues
id: 28439
Hi Bryce
id: 28440
I think it'd be best if I don't even explain this photo
id: 28441
Bryce is happy that the end of the prescreening is near!
id: 28442
Jefferson loves diners
id: 28443
There was much mirth
id: 28444
Pick your order!
id: 28445
Albert put a lot of thought into his order
id: 28446
Topaz mans the video camera
id: 28447
Alan plays with his Evo
id: 28448
Taking our order
id: 28449
Ahhh, Hypnotoad!
id: 28450
Topaz and Jefferson are having a good time
id: 28451
Everyone sitting around
id: 28452
Bryce, Katie, and Peter
id: 28453
Alan and Amanda
id: 28454
Jefferson sure finds.. something.. funny
id: 28455
How come they get two ketchups?
id: 28456
Botoss.. I think?
id: 28457
Clearly an Otakon crew
id: 28458
The infamous scrapple
id: 28459
Albert's giving me a stink eye
id: 28460
I had Jefferson sit on the car couch with me for a picture
id: 28461
Alan explains the recording studio setup to Topaz
id: 28462
Bryce thinks about all the hours he's spent on these microphones
id: 28463
It's hentai time!
id: 28464
Albert's favorite time
id: 28465
Albert loves imitation soda
id: 28466
Everyone's getting comfy
id: 28467
What is Bryce up to?
id: 28468
He's filming me!
id: 28469
Vic's looking creepy
id: 28470
A couple of hentai connoisseurs
id: 28471
Why does Topaz have so many waters?
id: 28472
A great project 365 picture.. Bryce reacting to hentai!
id: 28473
Vic's a real morning person
id: 28474
Looking up.. something
id: 28475
Topaz loves breakfast
id: 28476
We went to Michael's!
id: 28477
Everyone checks out the menu
id: 28478
It's not like we haven't been here 30 times
id: 28479
Waiting for food
id: 28480
Alan shows off the inside of his EVO
id: 28481
id: 28482
And of course, some Wii before hitting the road
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