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07/25/10 - Mom and Aunt Teresa come visit, and I finally get some furniture!

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id: 28209
Project 365 picture with Neil!
id: 28210
Taste of Buffalo was alright. Worth going to
id: 28211
Neil loves warm laundry
id: 28212
Me and the International Space Station!
id: 28213
Cooking chicken?
id: 28214
Mom and Aunt Teresa! Yes, that's Guinness in the wine glasses
id: 28215
Mom tries out her new camera!
id: 28216
It's so tiny!
id: 28217
id: 28218
What's up, Buzz?
id: 28219
Artwork in the kitchen
id: 28220
I'm not sure what this picture's supposed to be of... kitchen again I guess?
id: 28221
My furniture is here!
id: 28222
It was weird seeing my apartment with the door wide open
id: 28223
Mom and Aunt Teresa waited by the pool
id: 28224
Moving my bed in!
id: 28225
Bed pieces
id: 28226
id: 28227
My mattress!
id: 28228
My couch!
id: 28229
Here it comes
id: 28230
id: 28231
The stairs were tricky
id: 28232
Here it comes!
id: 28233
id: 28234
id: 28235
The last set of steps..
id: 28236
id: 28237
Assembling my bed
id: 28238
The pieces are ready..
id: 28239
Starting to look like a bed!
id: 28240
Bringing the mattress in..
id: 28241
Mom and Aunt Teresa approve of my new couch
id: 28242
id: 28243
My new bed!
id: 28244
My mom likes beanbag mountain
id: 28245
Aunt Teresa thought Synacor was cool
id: 28246
It's a really comfortable beanbag
id: 28247
Weekend of excess!
id: 28248
id: 28249
What's up Neil?
id: 28250
Party IS fun!
id: 28251
Kitty birthday!!
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