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08/10/10 - I bought a Canon Powershot SX20IS but it stunk, so I returned it! Here are the pictures I took with it

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id: 28417
id: 28418
Look at the noise on this photo! It's out of control!
id: 28419
The zoom is pretty spiffy, but it wasn't worth the downsides
id: 28420
Neil walks around in the junk pile
id: 28421
What's up, Buzz?
id: 28422
Noisy Neil
id: 28423
Neil chills out
id: 28424
Be sure to view the fullsize version of this image to see why I returned the camera..
id: 28425
The S2 IS side by side with the SX20IS
id: 28426
Bagel with lox proj365!
id: 28427
Hey Buzz!
id: 28428
Butt finds the window more interesting
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