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08/12/10 - I got a real DSLR! A Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi! It's awesome!!

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id: 28483
The first picture taken with my new camera!'s Creenan!
id: 28484
Oh hai, Topaz
id: 28485
Topaz ignores me and gets back to work
id: 28486 id: 28487
Uhoh, camera duel
id: 28488
id: 28489
Topaz looks at the kelp
id: 28490
It sure is kelpy
id: 28491
A soda can!
id: 28492
Red shirt man
id: 28493
id: 28494
55mm. That's the range of the lens that came with the camera
id: 28495
People in the courtyard
id: 28496
Flower closeup!
id: 28497
Topaz waiting for lunch
id: 28498
Man, I love this camera
id: 28499
Sorry Topaz, you're the only one around..
id: 28500
We're number one!
id: 28501
Mmmm, panini
id: 28502
Yummy panini
id: 28503
Little salad!
id: 28504
Topaz got some kind of.. thing
id: 28505
All done!
id: 28506
id: 28507
Time to go back to work
id: 28508
id: 28509
Oops, the flash popped up in the elevator
id: 28510
Garth is actually here this week and not just a voice in the phone!
id: 28511
Shawn and Su hard at work
id: 28512
Matt sits across from me
id: 28513
Salbito wandered in..
id: 28514
Shawn checks his phone
id: 28515
My trusty G1
id: 28516
Shawn eats the lunch of champions
id: 28517
My keyboard is.. actually pretty gross
id: 28518
Nice shirt, Garth
id: 28519
Shawn's Nexos One
id: 28520
Mmmm... giant Canon neckband
id: 28521
Rubik's cube!
id: 28522
Gotta love the Space Invaders decorations
id: 28523
My reader!
id: 28524
Joe looks on as Shawn checks a ticket
id: 28525
id: 28526
And Topaz peeks his head in
id: 28527
A typical day at Synacor
id: 28528
Steve, my boss!
id: 28529
Steve works on a build or something
id: 28530
Water bottle?
id: 28531
Garth sure finds something funny
id: 28532
Shawn's workstation
id: 28533
My gear
id: 28534
My rolling coin
id: 28535
id: 28536
Topaz heads out to the back to talk to some REs
id: 28537
Mr. Crandall!
id: 28538
How come the REs are hiding outside?
id: 28539
id: 28540
My rental car for the day..
id: 28541
id: 28542
id: 28543
id: 28544
Neil is wondering why my new camera is so noisy
id: 28545
Aww, big yawn
id: 28546
Awesome Neil closeup
id: 28547
The cats find the shutter noises fascinating
id: 28548
The tree outside my apartment
id: 28549
My neighbors drained their pool for some reason
id: 28550
The cats want to come out and play
id: 28551
Buzz is mad he can't come out too
id: 28552
My half complete media center
id: 28553
Playing with the macro setting
id: 28554
id: 28555
The tree again
id: 28556
My apartment building
id: 28557
Long shadows in the golden hour!
id: 28558
Yeah, I'll get right on that..
id: 28559
id: 28560
id: 28561
Yup, that's where I live
id: 28562
Regency Court Apartments!
id: 28563
An ominous sign of snow to come?
id: 28564
The school right near my apartment complex
id: 28565
Sheldon Road.. or whatever it is
id: 28566
No kids are around now!
id: 28567
The Ralph Wilson stadium!
id: 28568
id: 28569
I always think of it as the
id: 28570
Getting closer to the stadium..
id: 28571
I drive by this every day on the way to work
id: 28572
Go Bills?
id: 28573
id: 28574
Aaand one last shot of the stadium
id: 28575
No no no, thank you!
id: 28576
The alternative parking lot could use some work
id: 28577
Crescent moon!
id: 28578
Moon over Regency Court Apartments
id: 28579
Also Jupiter!
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