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08/13/10 - Cats, lunch with Synacorians, naval museum, and Erie County Fair!

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id: 28580
Hey Buzz! What's up?
id: 28581
Not a big fan of photo shoots, eh?
id: 28582
Neil likes them
id: 28583
Hi Neil!
id: 28584
Recreating a picture I took with the SX20IS. It's still fairly noisy, but still has much better quality
id: 28585
The extend of my zoom (55mm)
id: 28586
The late S2 IS
id: 28587
Neil loves posing for photoshoots!
id: 28588
Who has a comfy chair?
id: 28589
Neil is baffled by the flashing lights
id: 28590
Rolling around
id: 28591
D'awww, cute little kitty
id: 28592
A closeup!
id: 28593
Looking around..
id: 28594
What's over there?
id: 28595
I think Neil's tiring of this..
id: 28596
He has to be wondering about the new shutter sound
id: 28597
Hi Buzz!
id: 28598 id: 28599
My two kitties, Neil and Buzz!
id: 28600
Itchy ear!
id: 28601
The carpet has interesting smells
id: 28602
Buzz looks at what Neil's up to
id: 28603
What's going on in that little brain of yours, buddy?
id: 28604
Buzz likes to climb on the bike
id: 28605
I call this picture
id: 28606
He's a bicycle enthusiast
id: 28607
How's that brick wall treating you
id: 28608
Topaz playing with magnets
id: 28609
Shawn endorses Mountain Dew
id: 28610
I always forget about the standup until Joe comes in
id: 28611
Topaz telling some kind of story
id: 28612
Canz is hoping my new camera makes him look sexier
id: 28613 id: 28614
Mark Moziak takes the wheel
id: 28615
Buffalo city hall
id: 28616
id: 28617
The crazy
id: 28618
id: 28619
Satellite dishes!
id: 28620
Weird checkered building!
id: 28621
Giant.. tank.. thing!
id: 28622
Topaz shows something on his phone
id: 28623
Tortilla chips at El Canelo!
id: 28624
We went through the salsa pretty quick
id: 28625
id: 28626
Canz and Mark listen to.. whatever
id: 28627
Dmags and Topaz
id: 28628
The REs used to go to this place all the time. Then it moved far away and.. they still do
id: 28629
Our waitress seemed super psyched
id: 28630
id: 28631
We're all addicted to our phones
id: 28632
id: 28633
Canz waits for everyone to pay their bills
id: 28634
Canz and Dmags waiting around
id: 28635
What a crazy painting
id: 28636
Weird structures on Route 5
id: 28637
HSBC tower, the tallest building in Buffalo
id: 28638 id: 28639
id: 28640
Who the hell walks their cat in the park?
id: 28641
This place is right across the street from Synacor
id: 28642
I pass it every day on the way to work
id: 28643
Right across that skyway!
id: 28644
I asked this cool fishing guy if I could take his picture
id: 28645
He said it was no problem!
id: 28646
id: 28647
Some war ship
id: 28648
There were a few people walking around
id: 28649
Numbers on the submarine
id: 28650
Does anybody know what these markings mean?
id: 28651
Damn, torpedos are huge
id: 28652
Boat #537?
id: 28653
id: 28654
These radar things were spinning around
id: 28655
I believe this is an F-14
id: 28656
Don't quote me on that
id: 28657
I don't know what the hell this plane is
id: 28658
An APC? I don't know..
id: 28659
id: 28660
There was some kind of speed boat event going on in the marina next to Synacor
id: 28661
Topaz in front of the apartment buildings across the street from Synacor
id: 28662
Weird shelf cloud!
id: 28663
Topaz talked me into going to the Erie County Fair. These tractors at the entrance weren't a great sign
id: 28664
Clowns are creepy
id: 28665
Meats, plural
id: 28666
Food booths!
id: 28667
Fried dough! And with a bonus reflection of Topaz
id: 28668
Let's get tattoos!
id: 28669
Weird chairs
id: 28670
Let's go to the event center!
id: 28671
It's like a really lame dealers room!
id: 28672
Power steps? Or power scams?
id: 28673
Candy looks really good on this camera
id: 28674
Ooo, sign me up
id: 28675
Hey, I'm on TV!
id: 28676
Come on down to South Park and meet some friends of mine
id: 28677
Want a hot tub, Topaz?
id: 28678
I really wanted to take this guy's questionaire but Topaz didn't let me
id: 28679
I didn't notice until later that Clock Man was looking right at me
id: 28680
Oh man, I want one
id: 28681
I really wanted one of these.. but I also didn't want to die
id: 28682
id: 28683
Topaz shows off the bizarre air bath system
id: 28684
About a tenth of a second after this picture was taken, the salesman chased us away from his stupid showers
id: 28685
More religious propaganda!
id: 28686
When I saw this guy, I knew the future was now
id: 28687
I was hoping to get a depth of field effect here, and I was not disappointed
id: 28688
Weird mist machine?
id: 28689
Topaz must investigate
id: 28690
Police fast roping down a tower!
id: 28691
Chainsaw man!
id: 28692
He makes little animals
id: 28693
Long way down?
id: 28694
The cops get ready to go down the ropes
id: 28695
Narrator cop man
id: 28696
And away they go!
id: 28697
Getting ready for the next stage
id: 28698
Upside down!
id: 28699
The guy threw a flashbang in the window!
id: 28700 id: 28701
And then they threw a dummy out the window!
id: 28702
They assured us they don't normally do this with suspects
id: 28703
The kids were very impressed
id: 28704
id: 28705
Food booth in the golden hour
id: 28706
I can't even read this sign. Something Ball
id: 28707
Pirate ship!
id: 28708
I was intrigued.. but not enough to pay 50 cents
id: 28709
Enterprise! James told me this is fairly rare
id: 28710
Here it goes..
id: 28711
Spinning up..
id: 28712
Wow, it tilts up really high!
id: 28713
Ride's over!
id: 28714
Hold on tight!
id: 28715
It just hangs there at the top forever!
id: 28716
I wonder if it ever gets stuck up there..
id: 28717
Not this time!
id: 28718
This picture came out a little dark but I really liked it
id: 28719
Flying chairs!
id: 28720
That shelf cloud is still lurking!
id: 28721
Ride silhouettes
id: 28722
Ah, Zipper.. we meet again
id: 28723
Riding along..
id: 28724
Weee, roller coasters!
id: 28725
The flags mean it's fun
id: 28726
Round and round they go
id: 28727
The machine that shakes change out of peoples' pockets
id: 28728
Gondola in the sun
id: 28729
It's like that Pripyat ferris wheel.. but a lot more cheerful
id: 28730
Bright colors!
id: 28731
id: 28732
Ferris wheel and clouds!
id: 28733
Camera duel!
id: 28734
Starship 2000 seemed pretty crazy
id: 28735
The Zipper in action
id: 28736
Chaos theory at work
id: 28737
I hate this ride
id: 28738
Starship 2000 spun up and I got to play with high F-stops
id: 28739
The food area!
id: 28740
We opted for grilled paninis
id: 28741
I went with the Chicken in the Grass
id: 28742
Sunset is near!
id: 28743
Rides near sunset
id: 28744
Rides always make good photos
id: 28745
Neat clouds
id: 28746
Project 365 picture!
id: 28747
Giant inflatable gorilla?
id: 28748
I'm sure this is a Nintendo sanctioned ride
id: 28749
Ferris wheel all lit up!
id: 28750
The moon!
id: 28751
A camel!
id: 28752
This would've been a cooler picture if I got there in time to see them still making the popcorn
id: 28753
The fair as night falls
id: 28754
The lights are starting to stand out more
id: 28755
The moon and probably Jupiter
id: 28756
Lit up food stands
id: 28757
Tickets tickets tickets!
id: 28758
Giant plastic balls!
id: 28759
Awww, a dead plastic ball
id: 28760
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