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08/15/10 - Synacor company picnic!

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id: 28761
Neil is sleepy
id: 28762
I took this picture by accident but I liked it, so I kept it
id: 28763
Mmm, dinner
id: 28764
Buzz looks disgruntled
id: 28765
What's up, Neil?
id: 28766
My Canon Digital Rebel XSi!
id: 28767
Messing around..
id: 28768
Playing with the zoom on my books
id: 28769
Neil, you're not supposed to be on the couch
id: 28770
Aww, I guess you can stay
id: 28771
Uhh.. hi?
id: 28772
A typical Saturday night.. Netflix and programming!
id: 28773
What's up, Topaz?
id: 28774
Synacorians enjoying lunch!
id: 28775
Matt and his funny little kid
id: 28776
Garth's wife and kid!
id: 28777
Steve brought his girlfriend to the picnic.. never got her name
id: 28778
Hanging out and taking advantage of the open bar
id: 28779
Matt catches me taking his picture
id: 28780
Shawn doesn't care
id: 28781
Steve was having a good time
id: 28782
Garth busts out his camera
id: 28783
A picture of Matt where he's not making a crazy face!
id: 28784
Garth's D90
id: 28785
Oh Matt, I can't sneak a picture past you
id: 28786
Steve and his girlfriend
id: 28787
Garth checks his phone
id: 28788
Kate was there briefly
id: 28789
Hi Steve
id: 28790
Su came by too!
id: 28791
Hey Topaz
id: 28792
I'm gonna kick Topaz's ass!
id: 28793
id: 28794
I am the champion!
id: 28795
Gah, it didn't last for long..
id: 28796
Shawn and Matt enter the ring
id: 28797
The tension crackled in the air
id: 28798
And there they go!
id: 28799
Shawn was tough to knock down!
id: 28800
Cue dramatic music
id: 28801
Shawn gains the upper hand
id: 28802
Come on, Matt!
id: 28803
Shawn's not going down!
id: 28804
Matt flies headfirst into the wall
id: 28805
Matt gets ready for some Kanjam
id: 28806
Steve and Shawn were on the other side
id: 28807
Will Shawn's foam fighting skills transfer to Kanjam?
id: 28808
id: 28809
Throwing the frisbee
id: 28810
The goal is to try to throw the frisbee into the can
id: 28811
Matt takes his turn
id: 28812
If the frisbee isn't going to go in the can, you have to try to knock it in yourself
id: 28813
Kanjam is fun!
id: 28814
Matt lines up a shot
id: 28815
Topaz's turn
id: 28816
Garth and his family head over
id: 28817
Steve was having fun
id: 28818
This looks like a wild shot if I've ever seen one
id: 28819
Topaz lines up a shot
id: 28820
Frisbee in the foreground!
id: 28821
Garth's wife takes a shot at the crazy ball on a rope game
id: 28822
Topaz incorporates fancy footwork into his throw
id: 28823
Shawn goes for a high frisbee
id: 28824
He's like a dog!
id: 28825
Topaz looks like he's determined to not let the frisbee past
id: 28826
Look at the reach on that guy!
id: 28827
The frisbee kept landing short on this side
id: 28828
Gotta love the look of concentration on Matt's face
id: 28829
Shawn has declared this the worst picture ever taken of him
id: 28830
He manages to knock it into the can!
id: 28831
Matt slams the frisbee down into the can
id: 28832
Garth gets in on the next game
id: 28833
I was on Garth's team (teammates are on opposite sides)
id: 28834
I attempt to smack the frisbee into the can
id: 28835
The CMS team hanging out
id: 28836
Sitting around on the grass
id: 28837
Garth put his D90 to use
id: 28838
Shawn telling a story
id: 28839
Talking about calling John
id: 28840
Is this the proper way to move a baby, Garth?
id: 28841
Sitting around on the grass, killing time
id: 28842
Is it time for prizes yet?
id: 28843 id: 28844
Matt sitting around
id: 28845
Preparing the raffle bag
id: 28846
Steve believed I was going to win the TV
id: 28847
Nothing sadder than a deflated bounce house
id: 28848
The excitement was palpable as prize time approached
id: 28849
Announcing various gag awards
id: 28850
There were a bunch of awards
id: 28851
I forget which one John won
id: 28852
Ron Frankel himself won an award!
id: 28853
Ron, our fearless leader, gives a pep talk to the Synacorians
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