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08/18/10 - The CMS team goes to Chef's for lunch.. and prompty slips into a food coma

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id: 28876
We've escaped the warroom, er, I mean, collaborative environment
id: 28877
John and Dipak
id: 28878
This time, Shawn's behind the wheel
id: 28879
Matt holds on tight
id: 28880
Keep your eyes on the road, Shawn
id: 28881
Run those guys down!
id: 28882
The infamous Chef's!
id: 28883
Allan and I have a camera showdown! I think he wins this battle...
id: 28884
Dipak checks out the menu
id: 28885
Allan, John, Jeff, and Steve decide what to have for lunch
id: 28886
Everything looks good!
id: 28887
id: 28888
Dipak and Shawn
id: 28889
Oil for bread dipping!
id: 28890
Jeff places his order
id: 28891
Topaz dips some bread
id: 28892
Topaz's meal is ridiculous!
id: 28893
This is Topaz and Steve's food after they were completely full. It's like they didn't eat anything!
id: 28894
Look how much Steve has left!
id: 28895
Steve is content
id: 28896
Canz has a bogus NASA logo ripoff shirt!
id: 28897
Project 365!
id: 28898
Canz's crazy mainframe memory platter thing
id: 28899
Jupiter from Topaz's solar system model!
id: 28900
Saturn and Jupiter!
id: 28901
Saturn and Jupiter again.. with Jupiter in focus!
id: 28902
The cube maze at Synacor
id: 28903
Jupiter again
id: 28904
Crazy giant stuffed animals!
id: 28905
Moziak's got some cool Android figures
id: 28906
Look at all of them!
id: 28907
Who are these guys!?
id: 28908
Salbito helped Canz and Topaz work on a live issue
id: 28909
The paper airplane collection in the hallway
id: 28910
Neat airplane
id: 28911
Cool clouds over the gym
id: 28912
I made a real meal! Spinach salad and grilled chicken!
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