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08/21/10 - Mel and Jamie come out to visit! Casey came over too!

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id: 28913
Who could it be in that car?
id: 28914
It's Mel!
id: 28915
And Jamie!
id: 28916
The kitties always love new people
id: 28917
Buzz is so curious
id: 28918
Jamie says hello to Neil
id: 28919
Neil does a sweet stretch walk
id: 28920
id: 28921
Buzz is having an exciting day
id: 28922
Project 365!
id: 28923
The moon!
id: 28924
We had to get some Zyrtec for Casey since he's allergic to the cats
id: 28925
id: 28926
Next up on the shopping list.. dubious booze!
id: 28927
Mel tries to make her decision
id: 28928
Jamie examines the Sour Apple schnapps
id: 28929
Sour Apple schnapps!
id: 28930
Mel wants nothing to do with it
id: 28931
This looks.. tasty..
id: 28932
How about this stuff?
id: 28933
Jamie has so many choices!
id: 28934
How about this one?
id: 28935
It has a weird bottle!
id: 28936
And a little buddha on it!
id: 28937
I thought the dude on this box was funny
id: 28938
Imported Topaz??
id: 28939
The $0.99 nips bucket!
id: 28940
Jeremiah Weed??
id: 28941
An armful of booze?
id: 28942
Captain Morgan!
id: 28943
Hula girl?
id: 28944
Mel recreates the picture of my grandmother with the Freud statue
id: 28945
It's Casey!
id: 28946
Mel loves takeout
id: 28947
Mmm, sandwiches
id: 28948
Everyone grabs their food
id: 28949
Dancing for some reason?
id: 28950
Cat time!
id: 28951
Kitties are fun
id: 28952
id: 28953
Leftover food in the morning
id: 28954
Mel finally admitted the DS exists
id: 28955
Buzz has some strange nap places
id: 28956
He's planning his worldwide domination
id: 28957
Magic the Gathering!? We haven't played that in a while!
id: 28958
Casey takes a look at his hand
id: 28959
Mel and Jamie had some pretty sweet decks
id: 28960
Mel loves tortilla chips
id: 28961
Casey goes over his choies
id: 28962
Waiting for food at El Canelo
id: 28963
Mmmm, Pollo Fundito!
id: 28964
The Sunoco has a walk in freezer!
id: 28965
Ice cream?
id: 28966
Casey thinks ice cream sounds like a good idea
id: 28967
Mel makes a dubious choice..
id: 28968
Good recommendation, Casey. And by good I mean terrible
id: 28969
Jamie makes some creepy poses
id: 28970
Dancing again?
id: 28971
Another project 365 picture!
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