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08/26/10 - I break my lens, but still go on a photo safari thanks to a Synacorian's lent lens!

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id: 28989
A picture of the ridiculous pool destruction going on next door. Taken with my broken-ass lens
id: 28990
Cars in the courtyard at lunch!
id: 28991
I'm not sure why these cars are here, but they look cool
id: 28992
Some kind of company thing for one of the other companies in the building
id: 28993
Spiffy red cars
id: 28994
Aesop's cart?
id: 28995
HSBC tower with some neat clouds
id: 28996
The top of the tower
id: 28997
There are a lot of cool clouds in Buffalo
id: 28998
This reminded me of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
id: 28999
This REALLY reminded me of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
id: 29000
Project 365!
id: 29001
OK, you convinced me. But I can't promise Wacko will listen..
id: 29002
id: 29003
Seagull on the shore
id: 29004
Buffalo in the distance!
id: 29005
The buildings of downtown Buffalo
id: 29006
A glorious cloudscape
id: 29007
The cool mill building
id: 29008
A closeup of the detail
id: 29009
The top of the building
id: 29010
There are a lot of really interesting abandoned industrial buildings in Buffalo
id: 29011
Boat on the water
id: 29012
A few boats way out in the lake
id: 29013
Some gross bug on a cool flower!
id: 29014
id: 29015
The new and the old
id: 29016
Slightly different New and Old
id: 29017
I liked how dark and ominous this one came out
id: 29018
Flower and the mill building
id: 29019
One more
id: 29020
id: 29021
This guy was getting ready for some windsurfing
id: 29022
Little waves
id: 29023
I'll have to see if I can get closer to this building some time
id: 29024
A neat seagull silhouette
id: 29025
The Lake Erie shore
id: 29026
Some geese!
id: 29027
Geese in the water
id: 29028
Go geese go
id: 29029
Not really a dock or a pier since it doesn't connect to anything..
id: 29030
The geese continue to make their way through the lake
id: 29031
Bottom's up
id: 29032
id: 29033
The walkway along the shore
id: 29034
Some neat clouds across the highway
id: 29035
A tree by the shore
id: 29036
That building again
id: 29037
The dock thing
id: 29038
Wood and clouds
id: 28988
A panorama of the lake shore
id: 29039
Clouds over the building
id: 29040
Getting further away..
id: 29041
Clouds and the windfarm
id: 29042
A seagull flies around
id: 29043
A wider view of the building
id: 29044
Some dudes on jetskis!
id: 29045
id: 29046
id: 29047
Another seagull making its way through the sky
id: 29048
The geese take flight!
id: 29049
The view of the building from the park nearby
id: 29050
So cool
id: 29051
A little more exposed
id: 29052
An airplane!
id: 29053
Boats in the water
id: 29054
Sailing awaaay
id: 29055
Heading out to the lake
id: 29056
It's a very visually interesting area
id: 29057
The wind turbines
id: 29058
Boat and birds
id: 29059
Boat, birds, building, and ..'bines?
id: 29060
Geese in the air!
id: 29061
The turbines again
id: 29062
That boat's getting away!
id: 29063
The building with the turbines
id: 29064
A little more exposed
id: 29065
My shadow!
id: 29066
Looking north
id: 29067
A cool pile of rocks
id: 29068
More neat clouds
id: 29069
Heading back towards the building
id: 29070
The turbiens again
id: 29071
The Golden Hour is upon us
id: 29072
A very cool picture of that building with a dock
id: 29073
Building and pier
id: 29074
A little wider..
id: 29075
Wider still....
id: 29076
The jetskiers are back!
id: 29077
Back so soon?
id: 29078
One last picture before the battery died
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