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08/27/10 - No diabeetus, replacement lens, and Avatar again!

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id: 29079
Shawn printed the picture of Wilford Brimley in a no smoking sign for
id: 29080
What could this box be?
id: 29081
Could it be my new lens??
id: 29082
There certainly is a lot of packaging..
id: 29083
Gotta give the guy bonus points for using what appears to be an entire roll of scotch tape!
id: 29084
Neil wonders what's in the box
id: 29085
the packaging continues
id: 29086
Neil decides to investigate
id: 29087
Still more packaging!
id: 29088
Buzz knew it was a lens all along
id: 29089
The movie theater?
id: 29090
That's right, Avatar round 10!
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