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08/29/10 - A fun filled day! I go on a walk to Tim Horton's and bounce around Buffalo on a photo safari! More great industrial and marina pics!

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id: 29112
Poor Mickey!
id: 29113
I was lead to believe that this was a road..
id: 29114
The Temptation Chamber!
id: 29115
id: 29116
I think it's a good sign that this kind of crap isn't really all that tempting anymore
id: 29117
I'm often accused of making the same face every day in Project 365. So I figured I'd practice with something new
id: 29118
Is this any better?
id: 29119
My first Tim Horton's coffee!
id: 29120
A weird chicken
id: 29121
A good way to spend a Sunday afternoon
id: 29122
PHP books!
id: 29123
Ack! A spiderweb!
id: 29124
id: 29125
The Electric Elevator Site & Gelinmac Silos
id: 29126
That's a lot to type, so let's call it the Gelinmac Silos
id: 29127
Weird electric equipment
id: 29128
A lone bolt!
id: 29129
Has The Marked One been around here?
id: 29130
id: 29131
Lots of grain could fit in here
id: 29132
I think I'll stop right here
id: 29133
Though it is tempting..
id: 29134
I doubt this would stop Wacko
id: 29135
The Marine A Elevator
id: 29136
My lonely car, parking in a sketchy
id: 29137
A neat bridge
id: 29138
Bridge and silos
id: 29139
Looking across the bridge
id: 29140
It's one of those bridges that moves up to let boats under it.. but I don't think it's called a draw bridge
id: 29141
A wider view of the bridge
id: 29142
What an inviting driveway..
id: 29143
Standard Elevator and American Elevator
id: 29144
There are a lot of abandoned grain elevators around here..
id: 29145
The American Elevator building
id: 29146
Wacko's going to kill me for not climbing into this hole
id: 29147
It was in the bottom of one of the silos
id: 29148
Another shot of the Standard Elevator
id: 29149
id: 29150
Up close to the Gelinmac Silos
id: 29151
The view of the elevators from the bridge
id: 29152
The elevators on the southern side of the river
id: 29153
Looking across the bridge
id: 29154
Neat bridge
id: 29155
Big boat!
id: 29156
The English River
id: 29157
And it's lumbering away!
id: 29158
Since I was in town, I stopped by the marina near Synacor
id: 29159
The Naval & Military Park.. it turns out that's the USS Little Rock!
id: 29160
The sky bridge and yet another elevator!
id: 29161
id: 29162
Boats going down the river
id: 29163
A sailbot!
id: 29164
Sailing along
id: 29165
Stupid seagull, this isn't the sea!
id: 29166
Boats heading out to the lake
id: 29167
Is that a bunny?
id: 29168
A bunny!
id: 29169
Bunny in the flowers!
id: 29170
What's that poking around the corner?
id: 29171
Why it's the English River again!
id: 29172
It looks like I beat it to the lake
id: 29173
It's horn was loouuudd
id: 29174
The English River in an American river?
id: 29175
This guy was just chilling out
id: 29176
And there it goes!
id: 29177
Around the lighthouse..
id: 29178
Wide turns..
id: 29179
Big boat, little boat
id: 29180
Neat art
id: 29181
It's abstract!
id: 29182
Rocks on the shore
id: 29183
Lots of people were out today
id: 29184
I asked this guy if I could take his photo. He was cool with it.
id: 29185 id: 29186
Jet skis!
id: 29187
Street light / seagull chair
id: 29188
Looking out at the lake
id: 29189
Seagull flying around
id: 29190
A good place to watch a sunset
id: 29191
Walking along the lake shore
id: 29192
The top of the obvservation tower
id: 29193
The observation tower at the end of the marina
id: 29194
A big anchor thing
id: 29195
A speed boat
id: 29196
The observation tower again
id: 29197
I know what the sign's for, but that doesn't make it less funny
id: 29198
The view from the top of the tower!
id: 29199
Looking back down the marina
id: 29200
id: 29201
Buffalo Town Hall
id: 29202
That's a lot of boats
id: 29203
The Skyway
id: 29204
id: 29205
People enjoying the view
id: 29206
Marina and tower
id: 29207
It's a nice view
id: 29208
id: 29209
The jetskis look like fun
id: 29210
Another view looking back down the marina
id: 29211
Lots of boats coming back in
id: 29212
I figured this was a better picture for Project 365 than the weird faces one
id: 29213
American flag!
id: 29214
Creepy spider
id: 29215
It's electfic! Boodoo doo doo doo doo doo
id: 29216
Buffalo buildings
id: 29217
id: 29218
Ducks in the lake!
id: 29219
The USS Little Rock again, closer to sunset
id: 29220
The USS Little Rock with the Skyway
id: 29221
Synacor at Sunset
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